By Jim Ewing
When one embarks on Spiritual Work, the importance of staying Grounded and Centered and
being shielded
from unwanted energy becomes
absolutely necessary.
By "this work," I mean those who are involved in Reiki, Shamanism and ConsegrityÆ, and other energy,
vibrational, alternative and complementary medicine.
When we raise our vibrational level, it's easier to "connect" with the Divine, to see our life purpose, to be guided
by our inner wisdom and outside sources of inspiration, but we also become much more susceptible to being
"blown away" by others with raw, unconscious energy, both by individuals who may be focusing on negativity
or in group situations.
That makes grounding, centering and shielding of utmost importance if we want to stay on the spiritual path, not
be confused or become misguided or to lose our connection with the authenic self and higher guidance.
Not to be indelicate, but what I tell my clients and students is to frequently throughout the day "put your butt on
a rock."

Even in intense work settings, we are allowed "breaks," so when taking a "break," find a place where there are
trees and rocks or at least stone or concrete in contact with the Earth. Lean against a tree, rock or wall, making
sure your base chakra (butt) is in firm contact. While doing this, take three deep breaths, breathing in the Sun
energy through your nostrils and releasing your breath (energy) consciously toward the Earth, so that your Life
Force can be recycled not only physically but energetically (through intent). This completes the cycle of life, or
Sacred Hoop of life, that connects all beings to the Earthly Mother, and it will clear you physically, mentally,
emotionally and spiritually.
A word on breathing: Most of us in the West don't breathe properly. That may sound odd, but in Western
medicine, the way babies are birthed provides a shock to the newborn, where oxygen is abruptly sucked into the
lungs, which burns from having a life atmosphere of oxygen and nutrients provided by the mother without pain.
Breathe deeply from the Hara
As a result of our birthing, and later conditioning, we breathe shallowly, from the chest. We should breathe
deeply from the Hara (the source of our Spiritual Bodies). Or, in layman's terms, we should learn to breathe from
the gut.
A number of modalities teach breathing, from Holotropic Breathwork to rebirthing to Drunvalo Mechizedek's
Flower of Life workshops:
Grounding and breathing will get you centered. If you cannot find a rock or tree or solid wall in contact with the
Earth, I tell clients and dtudents that you can still connect with Earth energy through intent alone, by "breathing
through your feet."
To do this, do as above, but stand still and quiet, taking deep breaths (Sun and Earth) but feeling the Earth
energy coming up through your feet, Spreading up through your body and extending out through your limbs, to
finger tips. Imagine yourself as a giant tree, taking in Earth energy through your "roots" (feet) and extending out
to the farthest "branches" (fingertips) and beyond, swirling through your merkaba, or energy body, through
space and time into other dimensions.
Feel this Earth energy centering you and going out into all directions. Some people tell me that they love to hug
trees and roll in the grass and feel the Earth energy and
that's truly wonderful.
But you do not have to do that in order to have an essential connection with the Earth, nor do you have to be
barefooted. You can wear tennis shoes, any kind of rubbersoled
shoes. You can even be high in a skyscraper or
flying in an airplane.
How is this possible? Easy. Earth energy is all around us; Life Force Energy (Ki) is all around is. It is only our
mental blocks or blinders that keep us from feeling this energy or using it in our mind/body systems. Consider:
When you are high in a skyscraper or flying at 30,000 Feet, what keeps your feet on the floor or your butt in the
seat? Gravity, Right? What is gravity? Earth energy!!!

All is energy. We can open our minds to allow integration of what we need or we can use our minds to create
blocks, barriers and limits to growth. "Yes, but . . ." is probably the greatest barrier to spiritual growth. Why
create a mental mountain? Don't use "buts," use your "butt!"
Planting Your Butt on a Rock
To access and use Earth energy wherever you may be, you have only to focus your being on bringing that energy
into your mind/body system, through breathing and intent, as described above. Imagine a tendril or thread going
from your base chakra going deep into the Earth, connecting you, anchoring you. The reason I tell people to "put
your butt on a rock" is not so much because rocks are essential, but because it's a physical activity that people
can understand even
If I get in the habit, which I do, of putting my butt on a rock throughout the day, even if I'm totally scattered and
mentally confused, I can understand that activity. Once on the rock, and breathing, my centeredness returns. No
matter what situation you find yourself in during the day, remember to breathe. It sounds simple. But people
often forget, allowing the central nervous system to put them on autopilot. But in times of stress, when you feel
out of control, frightened or overwhelmed, no matter what unconsciousness you may be feeling, keep that in the
back of your mind: Remember to Breathe! That will lead you to centeredness and will open the door for Earth
energy to ground you.
The purpose of being grounded and centered is to make you present, truly present, "in" the moment.
When you are present, you can think clearly and act, not react. You cannot control the future; you cannot control
the past. But "in" the moment, you can do whatever you set your mind to do and by thinking clearly, being
grounded and centered, whatever is needful will appear.
The importance of grounding was brought to me recently through Dreamwork. As you advance through various
initiations spiritually (whether you are aware of them or not), you will find that you are working on others
constantly. With Reiki, your Reiki energy will turn on at odd times, your hands will grow warm you
never know if you are working on self or others, giving healing energy to those around you or at great distances,
perhaps even in other planes and dimensions of time and space.
Grounding, Centering and Shielding
You also will find yourself doing work in Dreamwork, that is, in nightly dreaming.
A few nights ago, I was with my Reiki guides this way working with a woman who had "blocks" in her aura,
thought forms that were preventing her from enjoying the blessings that were raining down upon her.
She appeared as a luminous egg as beautiful golden drops fell from the sky; but she could receive none of them
for the dark forms blocking them in her aura.
I started to clear away the dark forms and my guides said, "No. Work on her feet." Sure enough, as soon as I
began working on her feet, opening her connection to Earth energy, the dark thought forms melted away,
transmuted by the Earth energy flowing into her aural body, disappearing like morning fog in sunshine, and the
blessings were allowed to stream down upon her, to be reflected in her daily life where she could perceive them.
My guide took me to a place where they showed me the Tree of Life the
energetic source of all being.
It was radiant in white light, dazzling, towering to the heavens. But my guides pointed for me to look below.
There, I saw that the Tree of Life is as tall as it is deep, a perfect mirror above and below.

Just as the branches reach to infinity, so do its roots run deep.
In the center is balance. That is where we belong.
We each are a Tree of Life.
Our roots much reach deep, so that our striving can soar.
The deeper we go, the higher we can reach.
This leads to shielding. In group situations, especially stressful or chaotic ones, no matter how finely we have
raised our vibrational level individually, we can "take on" unwanted energy, become confused, even attract
negative thought forms in our auras that can lodge there and create conflict in our lives, even illness (disease).
This is especially true for people who have pastlife
"holes" in their auras where unwanted energy, thought
forms, or spiritual intrusions can lodge. None of us is immune, as even with regular energy work, we can be
distracted, allowing unwanted energy to enter.
So, whenever I go into group situations (a perfect example is WalMart!),
I make sure and shield beforehand and
while there.
Shielding through intent
Shielding is quite simple; it's harder to remember to do it. Shielding is done through intent. Imagine yourself
surrounded by a blue egg of light or it can be white light; whatever feels comfortable to you. Some people
visualize wearing a cloak or coat of mirrors, so that whatever energy is sent their way is reflected; only personal
energy and Divine (crown chakra) and Earth energy are allowed within this "egg."
Shielding is particularly important for anyone who does energy healing work with others.
It's not an "insult" to the person being helped, but protects you from "taking on" any issues (unwanted energy) of
the client and protects them from the same.
Since the "shield" is clear or permeable, allowing healing energy to pass through, the work is done without
impediment. Consider it only a "strainer" of unwanted energetic debris. And, always, when finishing energy
work, be sure to "seal" the client's aura, and ask the Creator to remove any "debris" or "footprints" from both the
client and yourself, to be returned where they belong or transmuted for positive good. Whenever we are going
through emotional shifts, as the current Earth changes are causing through our entrainment with the Earth and
Sun, we can be distracted or vulnerable to having our personal energy field disrupted or "taking on" unwanted
It is important to remember to be grounded, to be centered, and to shield in group situations or when faced with
situations where our energetic systems may be at risk.
If you do not act with discernment in this way, keeping your being impeccable, coyote is always waiting to play
a trick on you and teach you the lesson of being the spiritual warrior you must be in order to grow, develop,
advance. All our lessons are built upon the other; if we do not keep our energetic bodies intact, we run the risk of
having the rug pulled out from under us until we can reconstruct and rebuild our vibrational level to where we
want it to be: advancing and progressing.
Stay protected, stay grounded, keep centered.
Remember: Butt & Gut: Put your butt on a rock and breathe!

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