I’ve been reading what has been posted on this forum here about the Crossroads and their working and all of the information is really good information.

I did notice a few things were left out or mistaken and I would like to take this opportunity to bring them up and or clarify. As well as talk a little about Graveyard Conjur.

The first thing I would like to clarify is that it was suggested that you might be able to use crossing paths in a Graveyard as a Crossroads. Not so.

To do that would completely change what the working is. It would no longer be a Crossroads working but a Graveyard working. Two completely different things.

In a Crossroads working you are working with the black man to learn a new skill. He is a teacher. Don’t confuse references to him that you hear in song or story about him being the Devil or anything like. You do not sell your soul to him. He will teach you what you wish to know.

In a Graveyard, you are doing Conjur work. One of the things you should do is properly pay your respects when you do so by any number of gestures.

One way to pay your respects to the graveyard is to pay the gate keeper.

One way to do this is to place a token of payment at the front gate as you enter. There is usually a spirit of some kind that is connected to this place. That spirit is almost always going to be the most senior spirit of that Graveyard.

Another way is to place a token of payment at the oldest grave in that Graveyard.

Now, when I say token of payment I mean just that. Traditionally it will be a coin. What coin is up to you and what you have on hand. Sometimes it can be something that is of value to you, not normally though.

Now, when doing a Graveyard working with the spirits of that Graveyard, you will also pay the spirit you are working with also.

With the Spirit of the Crossroads, you generally will wait for him to show up and he will teach you something that you wish to learn.

The way you do this can take quite some time. For example, if you wish to learn the guitar. You will take your guitar down to the Crossroads and play it there every night until he shows up. He will then hold out his hand for you to give it to him. He will play it and then hand it back to you. That is how he passes on some of his mojo and teaches you.

You can also do this with dice or a deck of cards if you are the gambling sort. It basically works with just about any kind of skill that requires the use of your hands.

Now, if you can’t go to a Crossroads; then you can bring it to you.

The information Oak gave on how to do this is great and does work.

However, you do need to place the dirt in place like the five pips of the dice for a proper Crossroads.

If you can’t get dirt from the center of that Crossroads because it is paved. Then there is a work around for that.

When you gather the dirt from the four corners of that Crossroads, collect a small amount of dirt in a fifth bag from each corner also. That mix of the four corners is the same thing as getting it from the center of the Crossroads.

Now, it is important to keep track of where on that crossroads each bag of dirt came from. Because you do not want them out of order and you don’t want to place the dirt for the center on the outside of the pattern.

Just to be clear, you do not have to perfectly align them to the compass points and you do not have to align them exactly to the same orientation as the Crossroads you obtained the dirt from. They just have to be aligned in the right order.

For example; the North corner is number one, East corner is number two, South corner is number three, West corner is number four and the center is number five. They need to be in the same relation to each other to keep the connection, when you are using them. One plus with this method is that you can change the size of your space with the next working.

They do not have to stay that way when you store them. Only when you are working with them.

Creating keys to the Crossroads can be done with a modern key if you can not obtain a traditional skeleton key. However, it can not be cut. It has to be a blank.

Skeleton keys can also be used for other working too. I won’t go into that at the moment.

I hope this helps.

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I wonder what would happen if you went to the crossroads and didn't have any expectations of the black man, but yet he could see you were in need of something like wisdom. Think he would help along those lines or is it just strictly talents that use dexterity?

I've never heard of the Black man teaching anything other than a skill of some kind. So, I don't think he does teach other things.

I've only heard and been taught that the beings from the African Diasporic Traditions are usually pretty specific in their dealings, and tend to NOT stray from what they do.

As far as I know.



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