While there is something to be said about tradition. There are times when one desires to break away from the mold. Whether it's to grow in the way one needs, just to do something different, or to get away.

Breaking the mold is fun and educational.

While I do follow a lot of the traditional methods of my magical practice, there are times where I need to do my own thing for that something extra. 

Another thread on the forms reminded me of one of those things I sometimes do to give my work a little something extra.

I have a hobby. I kept a small part of my childhood as an adult. I have always had a love for strings and the many things you can do with them. Especially the game of Cat's Cradle with a loop of string.

There are a lot of different shapes and figures you can make with just two hands and that one loop of string. And the act of creation is a kind of magic in and of itself.

So, what I will do is begin to meditate on my working. I will work out what figures I will use in the working ahead of time and work out the order in which I will make all the figures decided on. Then, when I get to that point where I'm ready for my "Game" I focus my thoughts and let my fingers help direct my thoughts and focus. Each of the figures are like bullet points to assist the direction of focus and the figures also add their own kind of magic in the form of what they are. For example, I might use the Yoruba figure Calabash Net in a binding type work or I might use the Cradle to represent a cauldron or something like, a boat figure for travel or a ladder for a kind of assistance, etc. The associations are almost limitless. I might also use a particular figure to represent any of the elements to approach it from that level. If I do this I will put what little knowledge I have of the Tarot to work in this way.

So, in closing I would like to offer some advice that can be used in other traditions as well as my own. Learn all you can of other traditions and disciplines and blend what you learn together, if you feel it is required. You don't always have to do it, but it can help you keep a fresh mind in all of your workings.

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