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After speaking with a few fellow RP members lately about saving money on frequently bought food stuffs in bulk I brought up to a few of you about if you are able to shop at Salvage stores. Salvage stores are discount grocery items, they sell food items, mostly canned and boxed goods that are near expiration or just over expiration. Then they have fresh grocery items as well. Some stuff items are perfectly good just the box or packaging is banged up. Or if a semi hauling food gets in a crash and canned food or cereal boxes go all over the road banging or denting them up the salvage store takes items like that. I bought a whole cart full of stuff and I am going to share the best deals I found, although everything is cheaper than the store that is a food item.

First up is the meat:

All of the meat sold here comes straight from the Amish slaughter house so no worries about the freshness here, everything is inspected and so on.

10Lbs of ground beef for $29.48 I brought it home divided it up by pound and double freezer bagged it and put it in the deep freeze.

2 whole chickens $15

2.5lbs bacon for $7

They have all sorts of meats and fresh cheeses as well.

Canned and jarred goods:

6Lbs spaghetti sauce(no high fructose corn syrup) $7

5 cans of pears $4

6 cans of tomato paste .33 a can

I also bought some canned beef stew my husband likes at a fraction of the cost, as well as some cream based soups to have on hand just in case for .39 a can.


1lb black pepper $7

1lb Cayenne pepper $3

they also had 1 oz bags mix or match for 3 for $1 I bought 2oz of oregano and 1oz of all spice.

Dry Goods:

3lb of oats $2.50

8lb of organic unbleached flour $7

24 poptarts for $6(my husband eats these on the go a lot)

2 boxes of spaghetti for $2


66 organic cotton diapers $14.00

I also got a box of trash bags for .99 and a couple boxes of sandwich bags for $4.

All of the items I bought had a while to go before expiration. Most were the end of this year but some we even into 2017. A lot of people shop at stores like this to save money. They sell pet food and cat litter in regular clear bags, due to the regular bags or packages getting ripped open and you pay 1/2 the price. This salvage store also sells homemade Amish goods like apple butter, honey, bread, etc. Don't cringe at the idea of salvage it will definitely save you money and it is helping us stock up on non perishables before Logan is born.

Thanks for reading!


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