I have been trying to rev up my metabolism. I want to try and post one recipe a week with metabolism boosting traits as well as healing properties.


1 Small Eggplant

pinch of red pepper flakes

pinch of fresh garlic

pinch of chopped dried onion

1/2 jar of organic tomato sauce

sprinkle of sea salt and pepper

Sprinkle of parmesan cheese

Drizzle your cast iron skillet with olive or coconut oil

Slice your eggplant, do not peel it, place the rounds in the skillet, as they cook their color will change, they will get darker and kind of transparent. Add spices.

Once egg plant is cooked on both sides pour sauce of eggplant rounds and coat. Heat until sauce is bubbly.

Put onto plant and sprinkle with S&P and parmesan cheese

Eggplant is full of iron, which your body's metabolism needs to function, it is also high in fiber and low in fat. The skin of the eggplant helps improve blood flow to all your organs so do not peel it off! Eggplant is also a heart healthy food.

Pepper flakes all so improve your metabolism, reduce pain and prevent disease.

Garlic and onion heal the body is so many ways I've posted a lot of post on this and you know I rarely make a dish with out adding these 2.

Enjoy this dish. I ate 3-4 eggplant rounds with the sauce and cheese and had enough left over for a meal tomorrow. I also ate it with a small side of raw baby kale and some fresh rainer cherries. :)

So delish!  

I will post a pic from my smart phone in the comments!

Blessings all and together we can heal our bodies and boost our metabolisms!

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Sounds nummy!

I never know what to do with egg plants.  One day I'll have to give this a try!


- Flammeous

I also have an eggplant pizza recipe posted in the forum here on SG.
Picture is the attachment as well.

Love eggplant so this sounds delicious!

Thanks Lin. I have an eggplant lasagna idea I may try out once the eggplant is at the farmers market. If I end up making it I will definitely post! Let me know what you think if this recipe.



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