You have a plethora of magickal ingredients at your fingertips...right in your kitchen!

The Magick in Your Kitchen Cabinets

Most people never realize just how much magick can be found within their home, particularly right in their kitchen cabinets. We often go out and buy certain herbs for certain magickal goals or spells, never thinking we might already have the necessary ingredients right in our pantries! So instead of spending money on fancy herbs and having to go to a store or wait for an internet shipment, why not look at what you already own?

The witches and wise people of the past didn't have the ability to order herbs online. Most of the time they didn't even have the ability to go to a store and find a rare, exotic herb for their magical needs. They had to make do with what they had on hand or in their garden. And sometimes they would go to the forest or fields to find a certain plant or herb for their needs. You can do the same. It's time to look in your kitchen cabinet to see what magic awaits for you there!

How to Use Magical Spices

Herbs and spices are versatile in the kitchen, not just for cooking but also for casting! You can use them in various ways. Their uses are utterly limitless!

When you're adding these seasonings to your meals, think of your intention while using them. Are you adding rosemary to a chicken to help improve communication in your household? Can you add thyme to a seafood dish to increase success? Don't be confined to using spices and herbs only in your meals, but think of other uses they have. Here are some ideas:

  • Add magical spices to your meals every day!
  • Make a magical hot tea out of your spices/herbs (be sure to put in a bag or strainer of some kind).
  • Make an herbal bath soak (add your favorite herbs to a cup of Epsom salts—make sure to research if the herb/spice is okay to apply to skin/mucus membranes!).
  • Put them in a spell bag or bottle for protection, success, prosperity, friendship, love, purification, etc.
  • Add the right herbs/spices to a dream pillow or dream sachet.
  • Use these herbs/spices as offerings to your ancestors or gods.
  • Make an incense powder.
  • Infuse butter, sugar, vinegar, or oils with these magical herbs/spices.

No matter what kind of magick you're casting, there's no doubt by just using a pinch of this or that spice from right in your own kitchen you will add a bit of power to your intentions. Look up every herb and spice before using it for your magick and of course look up every herb before using it on your skin, mucus membranes, or before consuming large quantities. Magick isn't effective if you're not safe!

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