Hey all,
I've been planning this post for quite a few weeks now and due to my schedule and being almost 8 months pregnant I've been pretty busy and haven't actually had time to sit down in front of my actual computer and write this post.
I wanted to write a post about the essential oils I keep on had and what I use them for and some things you can use them for. This is just a basic starter list. So you nay have some, none or all of these and then some! If you are wanting to incorporate essential oils into your routine, you magic or your medicinal cabinet this us the place to start(or at least I hope it's as helpful as I'm planning)
*Remember That essential oils are highly concentrated and can be dangerous when not used properly so please protect yourself and everyone else by doing your research and consulting a medical professional. Never ingest or use an oil undiluted on your skin*
now that we got some basics covered I'll talk about carrier oils first. A carrier oil is used to dilute your essential oils so you can use them. Although carrier oils can be used by themselves a lot of times as well in skin care. Carrier oils typically do not have an overwhelming scent or seem unscented. And remember to use 100% pure essential oil not fragrance oil.
The 3 I commonly use are:
-sweet almond oil
this carrier is pretty inexpensive compared to.dome carrier oils. I use it plain on my skin sometimes or for dry skin that is really intensively itching. It takes the itch away fairly quickly. I use this carrier in my shaving soap recipe as well and sometimes in my home made lip balm recipe. I keep a bottle of this in the bathroom medicine cabinet. I do not use it everyday bit it is frequently used for basic skin care in my house. I will apply it to my pregnant belly sometimes for itching as well.for more on sweet almond see the post in wrote specifically about it here in the forum at spice goddess. I would like but since I am posting this from my mobile it is difficult for me link. I will try and post the link intl the comments below.
-coconut oil
this carrier oil is a bit more pricey but is so versatile! It will change your life I have no doubt about that. You should buy organic unrefined(because there is no bleach) this oil does typically have a light Coconut scent to it. I keep a jar of this carrier in the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. I use it for cooking, in place of butter in pancake recipes, I use it in my deodorant, lotion bars, lip balm and for a hair conditioner. I also use this for skin care and on stretch marks as well. I have used it in the past by itself as deodorant and tooth paste. I occasionally use it as an antibiotic type ointment on cuts or scrapes.
-olive oil
This oil can be quite pricey as well especially when you get into the organic varieties. I use organic non gmo. I keep this only in the kitchen and use mainly for cooking. I do occasionally use this oil in my shaving soap instead of my sweet almond and have used this oil as a hair anti frizzy treatment before. 
Those are the carrier oils I keep on hand. There are many others, avocado oil, safflower, grape seed to name a few. A lot of people are fond of grapeseed. It is a lot more expensive than some others on the market. It's all personal preference usually when dealing with a carrier and if you are like me the more uses the oil offers the better. Now for the exciting part, the essential oils.
-orange oil
Orange oil is a popular essential oil staple oil to keep on hand in my opinion.
I use it in homemade soap, homemade pledge and add it to my homemade all purpose cleaner. You only need a few drops.
it can also be used for: Boosting the immune system, diffuse during cold and flu season. Jaundice in babies, dilute 1 drop into 1 tsp Of carrier oil.and massage into feet. Uplift your mood/calming diffuse, or add a few drops to body lotion or bath water.
-Tea tree oil
I use this oil in my homemade shampoo,deodorant, spider repellent spray, bug spray and flea repellent. I also use it to treat acne or wounds and put a little in my nose when my sinuses are stuffed up. Tea tree has so many uses and is another staple essential oil in my opinion. It can be used for: healing sunburns, helps prevent lice(yet another reason I chose to add it to my shampoo) you can add it to your pets bedding if you do not want to make a flea spray just make sure to dilute. Removes ticks naturally and soothes insect bites. Use this in place of neosporin.
I use cedar in my flea and bug repel blend as well. Can be used for: bladder and kidney infections massage 1 to 2 drops over the kidneys and bladder 2 times daily. Massage into the feet to relieve congestion. This oil is excellent at keeping moths away so don't waste your money on moth balls. Place a few drops of cedar on A cotton ball and place in your closet or storage  bins to keepthe moths away.
I would say this is one of the most popular. I use lavender in homemade soap, shaving soap, calming bath herbal sachets and to scent homemade cleaner. Lavender can also be used: to treat and heal bug bites, diffuse in your bedrooms to help everyone sleep better or massage a few drops onto feet. Diffuse to reduce anxiety. Use to treat acne or boils, get a massage with diluted lavender to reduce aches and pains in the joints. Has antibacterial and antiviral qualities. I have also read that massaging 2 drops diluted lavender oil on to your belly can stop premature labor however lavender oil can start contractions in pregnancy during the first trimester so please if you are going to try this do so at your own risk. Yours and your baby's.
I use clove in a reed diffuser in my kitchen and in homemade vapor rub.
Used for: immune, cardiovascular, respiratory and digestive support.
Aroma promotes healing(reason to diffuse) and stimulates the mind. To treat athletes foot dilute 1 to 2 drops and apply to the area 1 or 2 times a day.
natural disinfectant, add to cleaning products or diffuse. Also kills mold spores. (Anyone gonna start diffusing this right away?) Also removes the sting from poison oak, dilute and massage over area.
rosemary is a lovely oil. Diffuse for anxiety. I use it in my home made shampoo to promote hair growth and prevent dander. and in homemade vapor rub.For arthritis massage 1 drop into the area several times a day. For colds massage into feet. For constipation massage 1 to 2 drops over lower abdomen clockwise every hour until you have relief.(I have had success with just plain massaging this way) for a cough massage 1 to 2 drops over the chest and throat every 2 hours as needed.to treat fatigue massage into feet morning and night. Diffuse to help prevent memory loss. To help relieve sinus pressure massage over the sinus cavities.
Diffuse for better air quality. Use the same as rosemary to treat anxiety. Promotes healing in bites and stings. Diffuse to prevent colds or add a few drops to you wet clothes before drying. Dilute with coconut oil and massage into chest to also treat a cold. Treat heartburn my massaging into arches and pads of feet, throats and stomach.if you have a MRSA(an antibiotic resistant bacteria) massage directly onto the affected area(if it is on your skin. Sometimes you can get this infection other places in your body) diffuse to help treat and prevent post partum depression.
I use this to prevent colds and flu by diffusing and can also be diffused to regulate blood sugar levels or 1 part cinnamon oil and 4 parts carrier can be massaged into the feet(the soles). Having recently been diagnosed with gestational diabetes I may try this as an alternative.
I hope you all enjoyed the post. Feel free to add what you use certain oils for.

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Really Appreciate this information... is helpful.... Thanks Sara.

Thanks for the tea tree oil tip!  I do believe I have some.  Flea and tick season is near and been wanting to have something on hand for the fur-baby.


- Flammeous



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