The Magick in Your Kitchen Cabinets

Most people never realize just how much magick can be found within their home, particularly right in their kitchen cabinets. We often go out and buy certain herbs for certain magickal goals or spells, never thinking we might already have the necessary ingredients right in our pantries! So instead of spending money on fancy herbs and having to go to a store or wait for an internet shipment, why not look at what you already own?

The witches and wise people of the past didn't have the ability to order herbs online. Most of the time they didn't even have the ability to go to a store and find a rare, exotic herb for their magical needs. They had to make do with what they had on hand or in their garden. And sometimes they would go to the forest or fields to find a certain plant or herb for their needs. You can do the same. It's time to look in your kitchen cabinet to see what magic awaits for you there!

Magical Properties of Common Spices

Fennel - has a long history dating back thousands of years used in healing. Can be made into eye washes and to aid the stomach. Has protective and healing properties. Associated with Midsummer sabbat.

Garlic - Garlic is protective and wards off disease and evil. There's a reason it's thought to keep vampires at bay. Hang dried garlic from your ceiling. Cook with garlic to give your dishes a protective and healthy boost.

Ginger - a root used in Asian dishes and to cleanse the palate. Boosts any type of magick but particularly love magick. Used as an aphrodisiac, too. Can be planted in one's yard to draw in money and good luck.

Oregano - used in many Italian dishes. When grown in the garden and harvested is quite powerful (be careful it will take over your garden!) Used in love spells to strengthen a bond, worn as wreaths in handfasting rituals, used to bring happiness, and good luck.

Parsley - when eaten promotes lust.

Rosemary - is an all-purpose herb (in my humble opinion). It was traditionally used for purification/cleansing rituals and to help improve one's memory. It can also be used for love and success.

Thyme - is an herb known to attract the fay. It's also used in healing and love magick.

Sage - whether using common sage or white sage, they both have purification properties. They are used in smudging ceremonies, as well as in protection magick. You can use sage in your cooking, spell bottles, burn it as incense, and more. It will drive away negativity and bring in wisdom and peace.

Salt - While not an herb or spice per se, salt is used to season all sorts of dishes from the savory to the baked goods. It's been used for centuries all over the world. Use it to purify and dispel negativity. Throw it over your left shoulder if you accidentally spill the salt for good luck! Use it in circle casting and in purification rituals.

Sugar - Also not an herb per se, but has been used for centuries to sweeten dishes. Originally comes from the Caribbean and used in hoodoo magick to sweeten one's disposition. Use it in love spells to sweeten a person's heart.

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