I've been studying the theory and history of Runes but I know to understand fully I need to work and attune myself with them.
I don't want to buy any - I have looked online but the materials are completely wrong, they are over priced and clearly meant as 'pretty things' not practical tools. I had thought of baking clay and making them tactile as I am blind but living in a parental home and needing assistance it will cause unwanted friction.
I think I may have a semi decent interim solution that I thought I'd run by you I like second opinions and maybe this will help other blind individuals interested in Runes and Divination.

My idea is to braille out the Rune names on pieces of paper/card that way I'm still putting my energy and intent into them and being paper it was originally wood and a tree.

When I no longer have obstacles at home I will use clay and bake tactile ones with the Rune symbols on.

Ideas? Suggestions?

Thank you,

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Hi Eilan,


First off this is a great post!! I have been searching for a way to create runes of my own as well. I am going to attempt to make my own using air dry clay or the clay used in ceramics, I forgot its proper name. I haate the clay that you can bake its horrible, it does not last a long time at all. I would suggest using air dry clay, and If you can try to get someone to describe the symbol braille the names, and edge the symbols into the clay that what I want to try.


The other thought I had was to use a raised line drawing kit, make the symbols, and use paper to tag the bag I keep the runes in.


What do you all think?



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