So, for the past month I've been looking to make my own Wintergreen oil.
It is supposed to be quite easy, but it seems you need to use a distiller.

Here is a link to a site that has a step-by-step guide:

Now I've found some glass lab distiller kits. A little pricey but worth it in the end.

Does any one else make their own Essential oils? And if so, how?


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I know you can use a carrier, sweet almond, canola, olive, etc and fill a bottle with the oil of your choice and a sprig of the herb you want and let it set for awhile and that will make an infused type of oil. I did this once with basil a long time ago and I used the oil for a salad. I know there is a way to make your own distilled water using  sauce pan and a glass lid. I saw it on youtube a few months back. I no longer have the video saved or I would share a link for you. Blessings! Good luck with your project. I hope you can make some awesome oils of your own!

So, I've tried to make some winter green oil. This is the result:

The stuff left after all water has been cooked up...

The stuff my plate catched

The result

But which one am I supposed to use?

The clear liquid doesn't feel like oil at all.
It really doesn't smell much either...


The brownish one. It should be the one with a little texture and smell.

Your sure? The brown stuff smells yeah, but it still feels like water...In that video I send you she used the stuff that dropped in the bowl...

hmm that is true...I am no expert but maybe you need to add more of the herb and try it again. When I make an infusion of herbs and oil. it always ends up a brownish color.

I'll try again tomorrow! I'll post the results.

I usually make infused oils as opposed to essential oils. I use a 2 parts to 1 part (oil to dried herbs) mixture, and close it all up tightly (in a glass container), allowing them to steep in a cool dark place for a month or two. Then, I will sometimes heat the oil to just below boiling temp. for 20-30 minutes before straining through a fine filter. The stuff that is left inside of the herbs after the initial straining can be crushed through a second filter and this will release the oils stored in the leaves, producing something similar to essential oil. I just feel like I don't have good enough tech to create an essential oil of the same quality as the holistic brands can. 



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