I was wondering if anyone had any book recomindations on shadow work. I'm not sure on where to start with working with my shadow. thanks :)

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Thank you :)



I was doing some research on this myself and found all these books on amazon:


One of these books called "The Shadow Effect" is by Debbie Ford and she also has her own website and lessons and seminars she does to help people with their shadow. I hope this helps you some.


Blessed Be:)

Thanks i'll start with the books, the seminars are way to expensive for me.

The seminars are too expensive for me as well but I noticed on the Debbie Ford website that there were also some free lesson options, so those might be worth a look. Let me know which books you use and which ones help you since I am still looking into this myself.


Blessed Be:)
Aydan Quinn said:

Thanks i'll start with the books, the seminars are way to expensive for me.

Hello and Merry Meet, Aydan -


I have some (general) suggestions that I can offer; these are from an article i wrote on the Shadow:


Resources On The Shadow:




- "The Search for the Beloved" by Jean Houston

- "Meeting the Shadow" by Zweig and Abrams

- "Mysteries of the Dark Moon" by Demetra George

- "Finding Our Way Through the Dark" by D George (astrology book)



- the classic Hollywood sci-fi film, "Forbidden Planet" is a great resource on the Shadow;

- "What Dreams May Come" starring Robin Williams, was an excellent resource on the Shadow;



- MIchael Jackson did an interesting Music Video on the Shadow titled "Ghost"


I hope that’s helpful – Blessed Be - GaiaDianne





Yay more books! I'll read them when I have time, loads of things to read for school. hmm.. I've never thought hollywood movies could be used for shadow work. Thanks :) :)
What kind Wiccan\Witch are you?So I can help somewhat? :)



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