Oh man. I have a nasty looking rash from my laundry detergent!! I just ran across a site that talks about Soap Nuts.

Has anyone tried these? They look amazing! Apparently you put 5 in a canvas bag, throw it in with your laundry and let loose! 


I took this excerpt from the blog www.under1000permonth.blogspot.com. The link for the full article is below.


Well, you get this big bag of nuts and a little canvas bag. You put five nuts in the bag, and throw it in your washing machine in the place of laundry detergent. Hang it up to dry between loads and those five nuts are good for five loads. Or, you can boil it down to an extract, which I do, and I get ten loads out of five nuts.

NaturOli says you can get 5 loads out of 1/2 ounce of soap nuts, or 5 soap nuts. That is 800 loads out of my 5 lb bag. I paid about $65 for my bag or about $0.08 per load. Where I make the extract, I get my loads for $0.04 per load.


http://under1000permonth.blogspot.com/2009/09/soap-nuts-where-fruga... - the link to the original post and the recipe for nut liquid.


Here is the original soap nuts site! If anyone tries this, please let me know!




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I've been wanting to try soap nuts for the longest time, I keep seeing them in the bulk section at Fiddleheads, they seem almost miraculous. Thanks for the link, they sound like they'd be great for dishsoap too. 

What I've been doing is making my own laundry soap out of Dr.Bronners peppermint castile soap, sea salt and baking soda(I was going to use washing soda, but I couldn't find any that wasn't tested on animals). It's been working really well, even on really messy things like pet bedding. 

Just to keep things organized, here's the recipe for the laundry soap I make:

1 cup baking soda

1/3 cup sea salt

1 cup castile soap


Boil the baking soda and salt in a few cups of water until the salt dissolves. Let cool, then put into a 4L jug(I use an old vinegar jug), add the soap, then fill jug up with water leaving a few inches at the top. Depending on the size I use about 1/3 cup of the mixture(like.. 1/3 small load, 2/3 medium, 3/3 large etc.).

I've never calculated if it was cheaper or not.. I started doing this in my efforts to boycott palm oil(because of rainforest destruction). 

I finally got around to doing this. I bought some soap nuts, boiled them down into an extract, and I've been using it for my laundry. So far, they were perfectly. I even washed my guinea pigs dirty bedding(I use fleece and towels in her pen instead of woodshavings), and they came out perfectly clean. I highly recommend the soap nuts, I think I'm going to be using them from now on. 

I ordered my soap nuts two days ago after reading an article on www.wellnessmama.com. I will post to let everyone know how it goes.



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