Last nights dreams I was in a old shifting house with a bunch of people.  We were trapped and they where getting agitated were as I was getting curious.  I went exploring and found secret rooms and strange features like a a bunch of doors in a ballroom.  One of them was a door in the ceiling.  I didn't noticed until it opened and one of the 3 teen boys fell out.   gettind over my superise I wander again.

I had realized at some point the house was being controlled by something or was sentinant as it was trying to interact with me.  It eventually leads me out side with everyone else.  I sit on the grass and observed  There was An African American violin player on a small island in a pond.  Wandering near by was a black dog who appeared to be a French Bulldog.  There was also a wite chicken I was talking to.

I split my attention between the two until a guy plunges into the pond as he is convinced it means we can escape that was possible through the pond.  What ever lived there dod not agree and he dissapeared under the water after a struggle.  While everyone was freaking the violinist snuck away. 

I greeted him to his superise and mentioned how pretty his dog was.  Then I asked him if what happened to the guy was his intention since I felt it was.  He grinned at me and I woke up.

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