k so, I am writing this dream on the net because, I forgot my dream journal at home, so here goes.

It started out, I was in school and had graduated. It felt like High school, but yet it was grad school in one, and so I had gotten a Masters. During the grad ceremony a guy was in charge of seating arrangements and such, but in the dream he deliberately screwed up and I couldn't sit by my parents at the graduation dinner. After the dinner there was some sort of celebration/party and an ex coworker of mine who I disliked showed up and started making things difficult. Then on our way home, my mom wanted to get something out of the trunk so while we were stopped at a red light she jumped out and opened the trunk and got out what she wanted, however, the light turned green and dad yelled at her to get into the car, she wasn't fast enough so as soon as she closed the trunk he started going with all the rest of the cars.

She left too and went to a nearby thrift shop, however, she never showed up when I had begged dad to let me out to go find my mom. My brother didn't care, he stayed in the car with dad. Except, I couldn't find my mom, I got to the thrift store and in the toy section I waited and waited for her to come but she never did. One of my aunts came to get me. Her name was Patty.(shes been dead for over 5 years now), and she said mommy isnt coming. I balled and cried like a little child. A bunch of Christians kept looking at me wondering what to do with me, but they tried comforting me. Then I decided it was time to move on from the toy store.

My aunt patty tried to lead me away from there and she did, but she went back to heaven and I realized I had ran off a bridge into a river. I was swept away and survived the fall of a waterfall, however there was another fall coming up. I did everything I could to get to shore, however, when I got into the safe waters and wasn't in the current, I realized I had to climb up a 10 ft cliff to get to the actual grass, so at the moment I stayed where I was, yelling out for help. I grabbed all the food/fishes I could eat, and since it was running water and was clean water, I was fine, just being wet and cold was uncomfortable.

Then I was like I gotta get out of here, but how? My back pack had some tools in it, but I was questioning if I should use them or not because the slope looked dangerous . It was wet and looked like it was falling a part. I didn't want to take a chance so I kept thinking trying to come up with another plan and that is when I woke up from the dream.

There are several interpretations I am thinking this could mean, At first I interpreted that this was a prediction of my moms death. Mainly because in the dream there was feelings of abandonment and loss and I could see myself being swept away in grief.

However there are more interpretations. I think my subconscious inner child is feeling abandoned by my family because all we do is fight, and they aren't very supportive, and I was swept away by all those feelings of abandonment and insecurity.

Then there were issues in college but I was being lead somewhere during college but I lost my way/guide, so I was swept away by whatever I was going through during undergrad studies, but when I had graduated I was working my way out of the mess I put myself in, and afterwards I grabbed a comfortable footing, (my living and work situation) but wasn't able to fully climb back out, or its saying I have the tools to climb back out, but its bringing to the light that I'm choosing not to use them because it looks dangerous or scary to me.

So anyway that is my dream. If anyone else has any other interpretations, or ideas/comments, Id be willing to hear what they are. Thank you!

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