I have never posted in this group before but today I need to. I had a  dream this morning and I have never had a dream quite like this before. It was all a series of flashes some longer and more detailed than others. I will describe the best I can and I apologize in advance for the length of this.

So it started out I was sitting at a very long dinner table with my best friend, Anna and her family. I felt like this was almost in a different time. There was fruits and meats, fancy china tea pots, herbs and candles all present on the table. Her family is extremely large and her parents got a divorce recently but they were both there. One person was missing her middle brother(we are also good friends).

Then I am in the kitchen with my best friends mom. We were washing and drying dishes together. I asked her where Jake was(the middle brother). She said, oh he's staying at the old farm.(they no longer own this property, it was sold in the divorce but I spent a lot of time there growing up and I even lived there for a few months until I could get on my feet after college) I immediately knew something was wrong with Jake(we have that kind of connection even when we are apart just like me and Anna, my best friend do)

Then I am at the old farm, it is literally in shambles, falling apart. I manage to find a small opening into the basement and I crawl in. I see Jake there. He has made a make shift shelter here. With a few necessities, blankets, and small bit bits of s food. His face and beard are long. He runs to me and we embrace but don't speak. We have relations.(I hope you all know what I mean by that)

I am back in the kitchen with his mother. There's a steaming hot cup of tea in my hands. She has a white apron tied tightly around her plump body. She says to me: "I always pictured Jake married to you"(jake was married a few years ago for only 9 months to someone he was in a relationship with for 7 years) I set the tea down spilling the cup on to a nice maple wood polished table. I yell at her not to say that to me.

I am back at the farm, it is on fire and Jake is gone...I presume he is dead.(he is alive in real life)

Suddenly a husky breed of dog appears. Like it is the reincarnate of him.  

I return to the kitchen with his mother. The dog is sitting there in the room with us. She says "he belongs with you" The dog licks my hand.

I wake up.

Any thoughts?

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