I was thinking about my lack of much space and privacy, which limits me exceptionally as far as physical (and permanent) manifestations of worship and practice are concerned (e.g. altars, various charms etc). This has lead me to adapt by making small things that seem insignificant at first, but can actually be of great magical and religious value. For instance, instead of a full altar, I use a "prayer scroll" (I will explain this later), my ritual dagger, a key and a tealight.


The purpose of this thread is to share, if we so wish, and suggest various ideas and possibly photos (again if one wishes) of the various things we make for Hekate, be them small or great. Here's my contribution (I'll upload a couple of photos soon):


Prayer Scroll: a piece of paper rolled in a small cylinder shape, inscribed with Her names and epithets as well as various symbols sacred to Her. I use this as a focus for celebratory prayers and want to incorporate it in my devotionals as well.


Hekate Wand: This is something I'll try and make. I found a fallen branch from one of the plane trees in front of my house (not unusual at all, but this time something "clicked") and I want to turn it into a wand for Hekate. I'm not much of a crafts person so I'm not reaaaally sure how this will end up being... Regardless, I might post a photo blog of the process. :)


Hekataion Book: A leather and wood cover book with blank pages I got when I visited London a few years ago, which has been turned into a book of my Hekatean practice (as opposed to my BoS which is "anything goes in here"). A Hekataion was a statue or other object (usually a column) dedicated to Hekate and stationed in crossroads and other shrines of Hers.


These are my small things. :) What are yours, great or small?

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Wonderful new thread, Alorer!

My turn... ;) Sorry if the pictures are blurry - I'm not very good with a camera (and the camera is not very good, either).


I don't have the problem of lack of space, but a permanent altar is not possible so I have to put it up every time I do a big devotional (that is on the New Moon). I set it up on my kitchen table (and chase everyone out of it when I'm ready for the ritual! LOL)

The incense (in the blue jar) is taken directly from Hekate Keys to the Crossreads - it's "Amanda's Hekate Incense." The crystal is quartz growing on hematite. That was bought "on orders" from Hekate - She wanted me to have a large piece of hematite on the altar, as focus point. But when I found this cluster - it gained enthusiastic approval, so to speak. :)


The labyrinth is very new - it's a pattern that is *sometimes* called Hecate's Labyrinth (so it caught my attention, naturally). I tried it last New Moon (on paper) and the results were good enough that I made a 3D version, so I can trace it (or "walk it with my finger") without looking at it, allowing me to focus on the visualization. It's made with three layers of fimo clay. Each layer has the labyrinth pattern traced on it; the bottom layer, I sprinkled the "path" with the Hekate incense above; the second layer, I sprinkled with poppy seeds; and the top layer was anointed with some Hekate Oil (a recipe I found on the internet). Then I left it throughout the waxing moon on my windowsill. Next New Moon, I'm going to try it.


Above you have that labyrinth again, and a few other things: the red book is where I keep my ritual sheets, and I write my impressions on the ritual in there too. The navy book is like a devotional book I guess: I collect prayers, poems, incantations, etc. in there. I'm not very good at writing my own, but having this gives me the words to express what I feel. (One day, I *will* write something LOL) The little black book with flowers... Is for Hekate, that's all I know. Maybe it will become my own Hekateion book? (Can I borrow your word, Alorer? I like it!)


The large jar has Hekate's Wheel on it - and I have aconite seeds in there (which I hope to grow this year). I bought the jar from Raven Grimassi's store, I believe. O_o


The small jar contains an incense that I made specifically with Hekate correspondences in mind, and for some reason it also suits Imbolc rather well (next New Moon is ON Imbolc, eh eh...). I did the lid decoration, it's actually a minitature jam jar I kept from a trip.


The pendant is one that I wear constantly - I never take it off (except to take a picture!). It's a hematite crescent that I got in a surprise gift bundle. I've consecrated it to Hekate. It's on a silver chain that is called a "serpent chain" because the links look like snake scales. Perfect.


And then I have this on my bedroom wall:

This is a print from Sandra S. Stanton. I bought it from her website (http://www.goddessmyths.com).


I'm pretty sure I'll end up with more things in the next few months, but right now... This is what I have. I'm sure I can fit almost everything in a shoe box. :)

Great thread that I am sure will be helpful to everybody!


Broom: We have a willow tree in our garden and at times some branches fall off, I found a lovely branch that I wanted to immediately make into a broom. (I am not much of a wand person unless they are feather wands). I made the broom long before my dedication to Hekate, but it was one of my first steps in communicating with her. So on a full moon I  gathered ribbon, feathers, twigs, a paintbrush, twine, beads, lavender and vanilla oil, ivy and some incense sticks and started making the broom, the broom combined elements of my personality (Arts and writing) as well as elements sacred to Hekate (willow, lavender). The ritual and creation left me charged and was a wonderful experience in communication.


Staff- For the Dark goddess group that I belong to (Witches of the blackberry field oracle) it was an important task to create a staff as one of the ritual items. I created the staff in honour of Hekate and everytime that I work with it, I am in communion with Hekate.


Hekate's Keys- Shortly before I dedicated to Hekate I found this lovely little necklace that is almost like a cross bones but in the shape of keys that was called Hekate's Keys. I took it as a step into my dedication ritual. I had a lovely beaded chain that broke and decided to fix it and attach the keys to it.


A key from childhood- one day when I was very young I visited my grandmother and happened upon this beautiful antique key, which she allowed me to keep. I keep the key on my altar as a symbol of Hekate and I remember that I used to carry it around my neck all through primary school. I also used it in my dedication rite.


I have also done a drawing of her in her honour.


On my altar, I have a candle engraved with her name and sacred symbols, which was anointed with "Hekate oil" (not exactly sure what it was made of but I got it from the local pagan shop), and lavender oil. I have a small picture of her on the wall above my altar. on my altar I also have a black ceramic skull, which I use as a symbol for her.


I have seen a lovely statuette of her at the pagan shop but it is whoppingly expensive so I gave it a pass (Being a student who really needs the spare buck).   


Edit: I forgot to mention that when the willow tree had a rough day,a lovely claw-like, wavy willow branch made its way onto the ground, I have placed it behind the altar and it makes a lovely backdrop to my room and is a great decorative piece in honour of Hekate.



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