What books are helpful?


I am awaiting

  • "Hekate: Keys to the Crossroads" Sorita d Este (ed) for my birthday

other books I have found but I am unable to get at the moment:


  • "Hekate: Liminal Rites" Sorita d Este
  • "Hekate: Her Sacred Fires" Sorita d Este
  • "Hecate:Death, Transition and Spiritual Mastery" Jade Sol Luna
  • "Hecate ii:The Awakening of Hydra" Jade Sol Luna
  • "Bearing Torches: A devotional Anthology for Hekate" Bibliotheca Alexandrina 

Sorita d Este is a reputable author on Hekate, the others I am not sure of.


If there ae any other suggestions, please post!


Darkest Blessings


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Hecate in Ancient Greek Religion, by Von Rudloff--dense, but good.

Well, I own all of the books listed in the OP, so here's my two cents about them...


First, here another one that I've just ordered "Hetake Soteira: A Study of Hekate's Roles in the Chaldean Oracles and Related Literature" by Sarah Iles Johnson.


Sorita d'Este is very good, yes. However, her books are not necessarily written BY her. Keys to the Crossroads and Her Sacred Fires are collections of essays from various people, and said essays are very personal in some cases. It's very interesting to see how various devotees interact with Hekate, but if you want something more "historical", Liminal Rites in the one.


Bearing Torches is also a collection of essays, poems, prayers, etc. by devotees. Some things are factual, others totally personal. Very interesting and well done, too. In a way, I find it better than D'Este's collections.


Jade Sol Luna... Ahem.

First, he is, I believe, one of those people who equate Hekate with Kali. Nothing against them, but one must keep this in mind when reading his stuff. Don't look for pure Greek tradition there.

He is onto something in those books, I'll say that much; especially in the second one. Hecate II explores chakra and kundalini correspondances (which come mainly from India) with what is found in Ancient Greek writings (Plato, mainly). It's good (and surprising... and full of sense), but it can be confusing for someone who is not familiar with traditional chakra teachings. Add to this his insistence on using Latin for chants (why, oh why?), and it quickly feels like mish-mash.

Another thing that irks me about Jade Sol Luna is that his books feel unfinished. He is totally clueless about revision. Some parts look like he just typed some jotted down notes; other parts are nicely written; some of his explanations could bear further work, and he really should spellcheck. O_o

Hecate:Death etc. should be read AFTER Hecate II, in my opinion. Otherwise that first book (transcripted seminars, most of it, with info taken from the internet added at the end) doesn't make sense at all.

Still, his books are OK... But I don't recommend them to beginners, at all.


Von Rudolff's book is hard to find, eh?

There's a new book! It's published by Avalonia, D'Este's publishing company...


The Temple of Hekate, by Tara Sanchez


I've ordered it. Will keep you posted... Hopefully, it will be as good as d'Este's own books. Sanchez penned the "One, Two, Three" essay in Hekate Her Sacred Fires (page 251).


There's "The Rotting Goddess" by Jacob Rabinowitz. It seems to have good critics (the only negatives I've seen are not backed up, and look more like pagan-bashing than anything else). I don't have it yet, plan to buy it someday though. Did anyone read it?


I've also come across a children's book on Hekate: "The World According to Hecate," by Bobbie James. Apparently it's a creation story, portraying the Greek Goddess (and not some fictional character). I don't have it, don't know how good it is, but it's interesting to see someone thinking of introducing children to Hecate. It's not on my purchase list yet, but maybe, when I have money to spare...


In the meantime, I've read "Hecate - The Witches' Goddess," by Gary R. Varner. Got a legal pdf, on www.lulu.com, for USD$4.00.   DO NOT get this book. Maybe there is good factual information in there, but there are so many inaccuracies about Hekate that I have serious doubt about the rest of it.


In my previous post I mention the book "Hekate Soteira" - well, I finished it. It's dense, but I have to say that anyone wishing to work more "inwardly" with Hekate should read this book.

OK, I finished "The Temple of Hekate", and by all means get this book. :)


It's a practical, hands-on book (while the other books D'Este did are more about telling of various ways Hekate can be experienced by different individuals). It's nicely done, and the author emphasizes that it's meant to be inspirational and that anything she puts forth can be modified to suit one's practices - always a bonus. :)


My personal favourites: the tetrahedron meditation (a GEM), ritual gestures, sacred vowels, the four Hekate elemental meditations, and the Astral Temple construction.


Sanchez also presents Hekate-themed circle casting, altar setup, detailed symbolism (why black dogs, why aconite, etc.), links with other daemons and deities, hymns, a rundown of Major Arcana with Hekate present in each of them, example rituals (only two - she encourages to write your own) and she does go on for a while about working divination with Hekate. All with a sense of humour as well. :D


My only criticism: her mastery of punctiation is dreadful, and I wish she had proofread it. That makes reading difficult at times. :P



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