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As I look around my apartment and begin to pack up items in the house for my move, I am starting to wonder about taking my book of secrets and going digital. I have three books, some which I started several years ago that I never finished filling and lately I've just been using a small 1 1/2 inch ringer binder, so I can organize the information as I see fit.

But as I am packing my life into moving boxes again I can see that moving my books can be harder as I may have to take jobs that limit my personal belongings to 2 bags due to a lack of space. And also I maybe taking a camp job which means most of belongings will be in boxes at my parents home until I settle down again somewhere. Although I am 26 my parents are not ok with the path I follow and more then once have damaged or removed peices from my alter, without meaning too... and I am unsure of leaving my books of secrets at there home for long periods of time.

So what are everyone thoughts about going digital?

Blessed Be

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Merry Meet Sage Wolfe,

we do live in the 21st century (or so we're told :).  I don't see a problem with digital as long as you're comfortable with it.  Especially if all you're precious knowledge has a potential of being destroyed by unknowing hands.


I personnally prefer moving around with my books, I love the feel of paper between my hands, it keeps me grounded.


Blessed be my canine friend

I hope you find your answer

I have both a paper and digital BOS, just remember to back up your files when using the digital...Personally id advise you to take your BOS with you if you can and not leave them with your parents. There is always the option of paying to put your personal items in storage, but I understand that the expense of this can be a problem


I too, think that going digital is just fine. If you are attached to having your BOS, would you be able to squeeze it in with your things? I have a lot of books that are digital, but I usually have a hardcopy of my BOS. If you are afraid of it being destroyed or lost, do you have any friends that might keep it for you?

For going digital, would you scan the pages? Or type them up?

And how hard would it be to start a small, more journal-like BOS if you like having the physical paper?

I keep going don't I?

I agree with Seren Haf, you should try to back up the information somehow, like a memory card or flash drive, or external harddrive.

Good luck!

Greeting all and thanks for the advise, I have decided to to keep going with paper and start a digital book as well, just in case, which I will keep backed up on my hard drive. I have noticed since I am living with my parents and we are all grown up, we are looking at each other differently and are respecting each other lives in different ways. 

 Blessings to all

I am currently still living in the parental home and I decided that digital rather than physical books would be more practical. I am blind and so it's easier for me to continue my studies and documenting my progress in electronic braille and utilising web forums such as proboards.com for my Book of Shadows and categorising correspondences. It also makes being able to look up information from anywhere far more efficient.

My parents too would be concerned by my spiritual path as they do not share it but in a way using braille which they don't know saves them the hurt should they come across my Book of Shadows and my Book of Mirrors.

I'd say try it out and see if it resonates with you. If it feels like too much hassle duplicating before it's all secure on there or you find you prefer the tactile nature of a physical book with artwork then you can always go back.



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