I'm new in the craft, looking for guidance and possibly a mentor. Currently studying books on elemental magick I really feel I have gotten a calling for the craft and really want to learn. Can anyone help me? I'm in the middle georgia area.

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Have you looked through the listings at the Witches Voice (www.witchvox.com) yet? They have a number of groups listed, and there may be a reputable one in your area.

I myself run a teaching coven in the Alexandrian Tradition of British Wicca, but we're based out of Atlanta.
I looked through witchvox, but never joined, I'm in Washington county, small town called Sandersville, which weird to say, is a geological anomaly, roughly 2.5 hours or more from everywhere and I'm not mobile, so i have to go on luck and various chat sites at the moment to ask questions or learn bits and pieces here and there.  So basically I'm relying on luck and free book downloads, when I can find them, to learn



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