Okay, to start off a discussion I thought we might all like to share what our familiars are, or have been throughout time, and how we first made contact with them! Are they spirit guides, or actual familiars (i.e. living cats, dogs, etc.)?

I know in my heart I will one day have a real cat familiar, but it just isn't possible for me right now. It is said that your familiar is always with you in life, even if you are not aware of their presence. Well, I am one of those people that is not aware of my spirit guide! I haven't done enough astral work/meditation to get these answers yet, and am a bit apprehensive to start because I find it very difficult to quiet my mind.

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Hey there,

I have two that I know of.

-A lioness

-A rabbit

My story about the rabbit is posted in a comment in a discussion called "Aid with the Goddess"

Although I have heard that sometimes a spirit guide is more temporary where it is just there while you need it and I believe that this was what the rabbit was to me at that point in my life when it came to me.

The lioness has always been there since I was a young child. I see her in my dreams and in my meditations. I love visiting zoos all over the USA and am a big supporter of saving wildlife. I feel most at home when I am in the 'Lions den" so to speak. It is always my favorite place in the zoo.

Mines The Tiger & the Panda are my spirit guides 

My home Familiar is my cat Lumpkin had her since birth bottle fed & all she was a stray

she's almost 2 now  .. teaching her certain sign's ..for food & treats and catnip  she's very smart 

Animals and I are one I am such a Dr.Doolittle its sometimes spooky  but I enjoy it 



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