My house currently has 5 pets in it: 2 cats, 2 dogs, and a rabbit. Since I've never known anyone with a familiar I'm not sure how to tell if my pets are mine. My one dog will follow me virtually everywhere and makes a special point when I'm feeling sick or sad to spend extra time with me. She also must sleep tight against me. I don't know if she's just an affectionate dog or a familiar or wants to be my familiar.

I also have a cat that I rescued from a filthy, hoarding situation. When I picked her up off the ground she wouldn't let me put her down for a good 3 hours. She too follows me around. She has a different personality that I'm used to seeing in cats. She acts more regal and walks around like she knows something. While she is nice to everyone she meets, she obviously favors me. With her, I'm not sure if she knows I'm the one who rescued her or if she is a familiar.

I've always been a cat person but I also believe when someone meets their familiar, it may not be their favorite animal.

What advice can any of you give me please?

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