but may I share my celebrations with you all please?

On 24/8/2013 I passed my one year and a day as a druid novice (acorn level) and rose to rank of sapling!

Incoming e-mail from my local ArchDruid reads....

"Well done Liz, I agree you have proved yourself and are fullfilling the role of Druid. 

As a member of RDG /OMS (Reformed Druids of Gaia/Order of the Mithril Star) I say you have fullfilled all requirements to call yourself Druid with pride. 

Long may you continue to progress along your path of learning."

Woo Hoo!!!   I haz done good.  Bring on the mead   /|\

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Congrats! Enjoy you continued learning, and you mead (though perhaps not together. It could quickly turn into something resembling an episode of Drunk History...)

... congrats to ya indeed.... :)

Thank You, GreenWolf and crucialprism...

In the end my celebrations were somewhat curtailed, duty called as duty so often does, so I just had the one small toast, more as a ceremonial libation than any real indulgence, but it was very nice, none-the-less!  xx

Fill the glass Liz! Congrats!

aw, thank you hunni.

Went out for a nice meal yesterday, so the celebrations continued, and very nice they were too!

Now back to the study I guess...



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