Divinatory Meanings of the Fews*



Upright meaning: Beginnings, new possibilities, potentials. Renewal and rebirth. A favorable sign in most matters, though there may be some discomforts involved.

Reverse meaning: Blind alleys, wasted effort. Creative blockages. Remaining fixated on the past, or on things that have been lost.


Upright meaning: Clarity and attention to details. Concentration on the task at hand.  Purification. Danger avoided or overcome. A choice between two paths.

Reversed Meanings: Confusion, uncertainty, deception, delusion. Lack of defenses. Something is not what it appears to be.  Someone may be misleading you --- possibly yourself.


Upright meaning: Connection and transformation.  Relationship to a larger context.  You are part of the wider world.  Events may be more important than they appear.

Reversed meaning: Isolation and self-containment.  You are separated from what is going on, for good or ill.  Boredom and lack of initiative may blind you to possibilities in present.


Upright meaning: Protection and guidance, a bridge over deep waters.  Steadfastness. Good advice received from others or your own inner depths.  Spiritual guidance and insight, the presence of gods. An unexpected way past a difficulty.

Reversed meaning: Willful blindness, refusal to listen to advice.  Arrogance and lack of insight.  You are out of your depth.


Upright meaning: Moving with the flow of events. Intuition, dreaming, the unconscious.  Letting go of fixed ideas and responding to the moment. Faith in a personal vision.

Reversed meaning: Inability to move with the situation due to rigidity, confusion, or lack of awareness.  Unforeseen dangers. A difficult time, which will pass eventually.


Upright meaning: Patience, reserve, retreat. A time of waiting and planning rather than action. Obstacles that can be overcome.  Success after a delay. Temporary obstacles.

Reversed meaning: Inappropriate action, rushing ahead when patience and planning are called for.  A risk of failure.  You need to stop and reconsider.


Upright meaning: Success, forward movement, attainment. Power and energy; you have all you need to accomplish your goals. A door opens in the outer world.

Reversed meaning: Help from those in positions of power or authority.  Success despite inadequate means. Borrowed strength. A gift.


Upright meaning: Conflict, challenge, struggle against opposing forces.  Victory against the odds. A change of fortune.  Decisive action is favored.

Reversed meaning: Inadequate strength or skill, the possibility of defeat.  Lack of direction and balance.  You need to build your strength and understand the nature of opposition.


Upright meaning: Knowledge, intelligence, talent.  Transformation and flexibility.  The beginning of a new stage in life. Learning. Communication and teaching, new information.

Reversed meaning: Creative and intellectual blockages, lack of insight. Often, fear of failure, leading to a retreat to familiar ground.


Upright meaning: Happiness, healing, and recovery. Awakenings and new experiences. An unexpected gift. The rewards of success. An opportunity to live more fully.

Reversed meaning: An unavoidable choice among alternatives. Mixed gain and loss.  A temptation to scattered effort or procrastination that must be overcome.


Upright meaning: Inspiration and prophecy. Community. The influence of spiritual factors on the situation.  Unexpected truths.  Freedom from limits and restrictions.

Reversed meaning: Burdens, difficulties. A need to relax and unwind. You have been trying too hard in unproductive ways.


Upright meaning: Slow and indirect progress, movement by roundabout paths.  Purpose, determination, self-control. A difficult but viable path.

Reversed meaning: Entanglement in circumstances, or in your own egotism.  Think twice about what you are doing and why.


Upright meaning: Swiftness, sudden movement, instability.  Healing, change for the better.  A message or an opportunity.  You are not yet finished with your work.

Reversed meaning: Stuck, inability to act.  A need for healing.  Patience. You are not yet ready to begin.


Upright meaning: Necessity and inevitability.  The hard realities of life. Something that cannot be changed.  The results of one’s own actions. The influence of fate.

Reversed meaning: Pain, difficulty, retribution, unavoidable suffering.  A difficult path that must be taken.  Every choice leads to unhappiness.


Upright meaning: Healing, resolution, completion. Transitions from one state of being to another. Difficulties permanently overcome. An omen of success in most things.

Reversed meaning: Endings and departures.  The need to release things that are past their time.  Facing up to facts.  Embarrassment and shame.  Illness and disability.


Upright meaning: Insight, transformation, expanded awareness.  Change for the better. The ability to see things in perspective.  Peak experiences, dream and visions.

Reverse meaning: Lack of perspective, ignorance of the broader picture.  Unrealistic ideas.  You need to step back and assess the situation more carefully.


Upright meaning: Gathering together, combination of forces.  Energy, life, vigor, sexuality and attraction.  Opportunities, though not without potential problems.

Reversed meaning: Difficulties and delays, overconfidence. Desires out of touch with the realities of the situation.  Uncoordinated efforts.  Problems, but with potential benefits.


Upright meaning: Spiritual power, the forces of nature.  Fulfillment.  The coming of a new life. A door opens in the inner world. Passion, power, and magic. Creation.

Reversed meaning: Weakness, dispersed energies, loss of contact with nature and the spirit. Dreamy neglect of realities. A need for recuperation and reconnection.


Upright meaning: Courage and tenacity in the face of opposition.  A struggle in which victory is possible but not certain.  A quest for inner strength.

Reversed meaning: Declining strength.  Compromise and negotiation.  Prudence.  If you continue in your present path the results will not be good.


Upright meaning: Enduring realities, that which remains unchanged. Old age, legacies from the past.  The consequences of present actions.

Reversed meaning: Stagnation and immobility.  Things lingering past their prime.  The past as a burden not yet overcome.


Upright meaning: Complexity, the presence of many factors.  Capacity from freedom.  A place of balance from which many possibilities open.

Reversed meaning: Confusion and bewilderment.  There may be too many factors at work to allow successful prediction.


Upright meaning: Radical transformation, the flash of lightning bolt. Sudden change, illumination or destruction, set in motion by forces outside the situation.

Reversed meaning: Patience and preparation.  The path before you is slow and cannot be hurried.  Wait for outside forces to act.


Upright meaning: Secrets and revelations, the influence of the subtle and seemingly insignificant.  Small causes with large effects.  Insight into the nature of the situation.

Reversed meaning: Situation is not what it seems.  Hidden factors are a source of complications.  The information you need is not available to you.


Upright meaning: Knowledge and lore, learning, study, education. The wisdom of the past as a guide to the present and future.

Reverse meaning: Ignorance.  Lack of attention to existing knowledge. Failure to learn from experience.


Upright meaning: Unexpected change, the arrival of a new influence.  The effects of destiny.

Reversed meaning: Sudden endings and disruptions, the dissolution of the familiar


*These are the correspondences found in Greer's "The Druid Magic Handbook" and the ones I started with.


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