This topic is extremely important to me, and I find that keeping a journal whenever I use a divination tool very very very helpful.

There is no correct way to keep a divination journal, it's what works for you, it can be an elaborate leather bond book or a 50 cent spiral from Wal-Mart.  What you put in it is almost like what you put in your BOS, what ever helps you, a guide to go back to if you want to attempt something again or do it again.

Now my Divination Journal is almost like my regular journal, I only write in it when my head is so crammed that my head will explode if I don't write it all down.  Now I even use this Journal for dreams/nightmares, maybe if I meditate and something comes up that happened in my dream I can go back and see what all makes sense, if anything at all.

Those on here know that I have ADHD, I'm not using it as an excuse, but it can be tough at times for me to keep myself on track or on one thing for a long period of time.  I also have issues with sleeping cause my brain just never stops, even in my dreams it's like flipping through the TV channels really fast cause nothin' is really on.  So I have like 5 different Journals floating about my apartment.  For my divination journal, like I said, I use that a lot when my brain might go boom!  How I use it for divination though is this.

I usually write down the date, time of day (Dawn, Day, Afternoon etc), if it's full moon/new moon or in between, if I cast a circle or not.  I don't always cast a circle when working with my cards, but if I really need to center myself and focus, I do.  What tool I used (cards, runes, fire gazing, etc).  The next step, not everyone agrees on, but I like to write down what questions I asked, the result of that question, and if what I asked happens or not(That happens obviously later).  I use that system when I was using the Oracle Spread or Runes.  With Fire Gazing, I just write down what I see, and later on if anything comes about what I saw.  When I do a full Tarot reading, I write down what spread I use, what deck, and then list what cards came up if they were upright or reversed.  The outcome of the whole entire reading and then I go back and write down if anything comes about from doing the reading.

Like I said, this isn't the way you *have* to keep your journal, keep it in a way that makes sense to you.  I find keeping a journal separate from my BOS just for Divination purposes very helpful.  But then again I'm an organized freak and if something is out of place I flip out, and yes, I seriously do lol!  With keeping the journal you can always go back to see what works best, what doesn't, if anything came about from your reading, or if it's totally out there in left field and may not happen for a year.  It's a tool you can put in your arsenal when tackling Divination.

Hope this made sense, and comes in handy to those that are seeking something like this to keep track of their progress.

Brightest Blessings!


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Good post Jen. When I first started keeping a divination journal it was a NIGHTMARE. I tried to write down every possible outcome to every possible situation. I ended up defeating the whole purpose of divination and my journaling took hours. I got frustrated and about gave it up.

My advice, for journals, if you start to get frustrated or feel overwhelmed, just write down the *overall* picture. And the things that *jump out* at you. But don't try to record every single little detail. If you do, you might actually miss the *Big* picture.
Thanks for this post! is really helpful! I am still doing lots of research/reading,but this will be very useful when I decide which Divination I want to do.I have always loved Tarot and Palm reading....but Runes sound interesting,too.
As for what you said about thoughts going through your mind constantly,and not having an easy time sleeping.....I am in exactly the same boat!.....I have so far never been diagnosed with ADHD or ADD...but Ive noticed for the past 5 or so years Ive constantly had things going through my mind....even when I try to sleep,which is really annoying because I hardly ever get a good nights sleep(unless I take a sleeping pill,which usually makes me drowsy the next day).
I know at one point all of this was because i had been put on steroids while in ICU once,to build up my system....but as for it still happening now,I have no clue why,and it is are days I just want to hold my head and yell"STOP!"
I have the same problem with sleep and racing thoughts and all. It is very frustrating and I have to take medicine for it, but I think its because I worry a lot too.
Yeah, I noticed the more stressed out I am, the more my brain is buzzing with a million different thoughts. I meditate a lot, when I can focus long enough lol, but if not, I just put on my soundscapes music channel on the tv and just try and chill out. Focus on just the music and clear my head. I started going with my boyfriend to his church, they have a Labyrinth walk every 1st Sunday of the month during the fall,winter,spring...I find that very very very helpful...closing your eyes, focus on the music, feel the lines guiding you to the center. First time I did this, I was scared as heck I'd walk over a line, but I didn't. I could feel the lines like little pulses of energy on my palms (I'd walk with my palms down at my sides to feel the energy of the lines) and I made it to the center and back out without ever bumping into someone or stepping out of the path.

I'm sure if you look it up you can find a ton of places that have Labyrinth's indoor or out. My boyfriend is a Universalist/Buddhist, so his chruch has one painted on the floor in one of their rooms. Come New Year's they break out the big one, which I'm going to this year!

I also do mark in my divination journal these trips to the Labyrinth for if I go in with a question, I usually come out with an answer, or a direction to go to to get my answer. Just another tool in my arsenal...hmm, maybe I should make a Labyrinth post!

Moon Beam said:
I have the same problem with sleep and racing thoughts and all. It is very frustrating and I have to take medicine for it, but I think its because I worry a lot too.

I think that I will start doing this.  I have my BOS and a serperate journel where I write everything.  From personal thoughts, to any occurances I have during rituals and spells, to experimenting with divination tools, you name it.  It goes in my journel.  I find though, that when I read through it or if I am trying to look for something specific I get overwhelmed. If I put my divination practices in one spot it will thin out my other journel and make it easier track my successes, errors, etc. 

BOS= Book of Shadows....somewhere to put your spells/rituals,pictures or drawings that you like,or that inspire you,your thoughts/results as you do certain spells/rituals.

you're very welcome,Mary Beth :)

Some folk call them their Book of Secrets...  (I do)

that's because to be a witch was (and still is in some parts of the world, sadly,) a very dangerous situation to find oneself living in.. so they wrote their notes in it in Theban, the witches alphabet... hence the word secret...  only another witch could tell what was written there...

BB, MoonCrone xx

thank you Jen , this will really help me with divination! Blessed be!

This is a good idea. Thanks!



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