We hear the word "balance" every time we turn around, it seems.  Elemental balance is usually what is stressed, sometimes gender balance comes in second.  What about everything else?


How do you find balance in your spiritual and mundane lives?


How important is it to find and maintain balance?  Let's take nature as an example:  we have an equilibrium in our bodies that must be maintained, and certain scales must be kept in balance to sustain life on this planet, but what else is balanced?  Day and night?  Nope.  There's two days a year those are equal, and that's it.  A lot of the imbalance can probably be blamed on humans, but what are your takes on that as well?


Another point to consider is ourselves.  By now, many of us know that we must keep ourselves balanced in terms of the elements, genders, work and play, light and dark, etc., but what about positive and negative energy?  In New Age circles there's a tendency to want to rid ourselves of all negativity.  Is this wise?


This is a post full of questions, but I'm mainly just trying to start a dialogue about balance, why need it, where we need it, and what it means to us since it's so central to the practice of DRW.

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Went ahead and started a discussion on it on the main board here: http://realpagan.net/forum/topics/are-you-fringe

Feel free to weigh on on your reasons why you believe those statements as well. :)

BastAmun said:

I'll start a new thread but not until later. I'm tired and want to go to bed. Got to get up at five and do some shopping for food.

Balance is dynamic, changing with the unfolding variables.  The human body maintains a balance through homeostasis, occasionally this balance facilitates an unhealthy situation by mitigating symptoms through homeostatic balance.  At times it is necessary to throw a system off balance in order to re-initiate a healthier balance.  And, what once was healthy, may not be so, now.  Even in society we have traditions which have existed to meet a specific purpose.  Occasionally those traditions become outdated, then as the tradition is removed, it becomes obvious why that tradition existed in the first place.  Or it has truly become non-functional and its removal has a productive outcome.  

Even in my many years in my Christian path, my deepest most important goal was to find balance! As with Wicca or any religion where we find enlightenment, we tend to become so excited with our new "eyes" that we become almost consumed and in sharing our new knowledge, can become overbearing with the people and family around us! No matter what you're beliefs are; its more important to walk our talk than to push oveur beliefs on someone else! That being said,I strive to continue to always be open to something new,while at the same time sharing the wisdom that I've been blessed enough to know by action more than by words:) :D



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