This afternoon I stopped in a shop with my daughter, who is 3-1/2. While I was choosing some meditation stones for myself, she was choosing stones that she insists need to be put onto a tiny elephant figurine she got today. I plan to make a small wire-wrapped necklace with them because I can't figure out any other use for them.

I've got all of the stones sitting in dry salt cleansing now and I know what "jobs" to give to my amethyst and quartz when they're ready.

She chose blue kyanite, green jade, and sleeping beauty turquoise for the elephant and I don't know what they're meant to be used for. Since these are meant to be put on a figurine that she doesn't really use for any purpose but to play with, do they even need to be programmed?  If I charge them, what job do I assign to them?

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Hi Sarah,

It sounds like she was drawn to these particular crystals. You might just consider putting them in a bag and keep them in the elephant. I cleanse my crystals and as far as charging them I let them do what they do best.

A very good source for crystals is the Crystal Bible by Judy Hall. The links below are good websites as well.

Blue Kyanite -

Jade -

Turquoise -

Thanks! I thought the store also had some copies of The Crystal Bible on a shelf behind the stones; I won't have the money to buy a copy for another week, but I can see if the library has it.



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