Just joined this group and am looking forward to learning from y'all. What I am seriously interested in is healing with crystals and aligning and cleansing the chakras. Does anyone think they can help me? Besides that, I just love to talk about stones and crystals! I'm amassing, what I think, is quite a collection of stones and crystals of my own and would love to learn more about them, like personal experiences. Anyway, sorry to ramble, just thought I'd say Hi!

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Hi Sephira, welcome!

I'm new to learning about the chakras, but what sort of healing were you thinking of?

Specifically, healing with crystals. Have you ever done it before?
Yes, I have :) They've played a huge part in healing my emotional problems(AvPD).
That's great! How did you get them to work? Did you use a particular method?

Well, I just slowly got to know different crystals(especially amethyst, rose quartz and lapis lazuli). I carried them with me everywhere, meditated with them, slept with them, and I started making an anxiety tincture this summer and I've been adding chips of rose quartz to it. 

Hm, I guess my advice would be to be patient. Spend time one on one with a crystal, it'll let you know when it's time to move on(I worked with amethyst for about 5 months before it was time for something new). 

Also, the Crystal Bible by Judy Hall has been really helpful. 

The other night I had a wicked migraine so after some mantra work to a deity I lay down with a piece of dark amethyst on the spot on my head that hurt the worst and closed my eyes for a while and when I woke up the migraine had subsided significantly. All day I had been trying to get rid of it using medicine to no avail, but finally the amethyst and the mantra seemed to do the trick.

Thanks for the advice!


I too highly recommend The Crystal Bible book by Judy Hall,

and she has brought out another called crystal prescriptions or something along those lines, I believe.

That one might be helpful for healing work I suspect.

I use crystals in my healing work, mostly fern agate, peridot, malachite, and a few others, like bloodstone, amber, rutilated or rainbow quartz, all that sort of thing, but it really all depends on what the ailment or dis ease one is working to help heal as to which particular crystal is most beneficial of course.

I have no formal qualifictions for the work I do, I'm no trained therapist, but I have had years of learning from those who have and those who do,

and I've had pleasing results and positive feed back from folks I have attempted to help during the years I have been sending out my form of assistance and support.

I take part in on-line healing circles, where we send out healing vibes (generated in any way which each of us feels comfortable doing) across 'tinterwebby while focussing on a photo of the person who is poorly.

I have also seen chakra balancing done many a time,

although not done that myself for anybody yet,

and I have heard about crystal grids,

although no experience of them at all, I'm afraid,

so much to learn, so little time!

I hope you can find what you seek to learn somewhere,

nice to hear the amethyst helped with your migraine.

I use amethyst to prevent my insomnia from returning badly, and it stopped my night terrors completely, I am very relieved to say,

keeping a massive geode of it under my side of the bed for the last 10 years has really helped.

I am so sorry that it took me so long to respond, MoonCrone. I am going to try your suggestion about the piece of amethyst for my insomnia. I have looked for Geodes but they are so expensive around here and I just cannot afford one right now. There is another option, but I won't go into it right now...for now I'll just use a raw untumbled piece I have.

I almost found a group to learn healing with crystals, but that has since fallen through. *sniff* I found out that the woman was more about the almighty dollar than teaching people. Long drawn out story. So, in the meantime, I back on my own again reading and learning. I have the Crystal Bible and a few books by a guy name Phillip Permutt that are really good!!! Still, it doesn't beat hands on on learning, does it???

No worries, we are all very busy and I didn't expect an instant reply! 

Yep, Geodes are expensive, I was lucky, I bought mine many years ago in a touritst type shop in Wales long before such items were so popular, at a very good price, for just a few pounds, I suspect to get one like it today was cost over a hundred pounds.  I hope you can find yours at a good price.  I believe if it is meant to be, it will find you!!!  I wasn't even searching for mine at the time I got it...  If I had been, the shop I got it from would have been the last place I'd have looked.  ~ You just never know. 

I hope you find your hands-on learning soon too.

MoonCrone xx

Just wanted to update you that I found some fair priced geodes on ebay, surprisingly enough. The big ones I can't afford, but the smaller ones are within reach. I found one for around forty dollars that should do the trick. It will also serve to clean other crystals--I think it's deep enough. If not, I can save and get a bigger one for that specific purpose alone at a later date.

As for learning hands-on in this area, I just don't see that happening.

I'm glad you found one you can work with and I hope that it's helping.

I hope you find a way of gaining more hands-on learning soon,

I know it's not quite the same, but have you looked for on-line lessons somewhere like You Tube at all?

Just a suggestion.




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