Hi everyone!

Since I started working with crystals in December I've healed 80% of my anxiety disorder(AvPD), and I was wondering if anyone has similar experiences healing emotional disorders or trauma? I would love to discuss these experiences.

I never imagined it would be possible to get to the place where I am now in 7 months, but here I am. I spent about 5 months one on one with Amethyst, which gave me courage and level headedness. Now I'm working with Lapis Lazuli and Rose Quartz, and I'm more calm and relaxed, I have more confidence with my actions and I find if I don't have the same confidence I'm still okay with the outcome. 

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Merry Meet, Lavender,

I am glad working with those crystals has been helpful to you.

I benefit greatly from using Apache Tears for handling shock, grief and loss, Obsidian for absorbing negativity, and Jet for grounding myself whenever panic strikes.

MoonCrone xx

I'm not sure if I have a disorder but I do usually have issues with getting upset easily with my parents, mainly because they are very negative people. Especially my father who says hurtful and mean things and yells at me almost everyday for whatever small thing I did or didnt do, or he would rag on me about my decision to go to college. I wear amethyst or lapis luzile necklaces in order to protect myself from their negativity. Lapiz luzile I wear when I want/need the extra potency of courage or emotional healing. Lapis Luzile is a lot more stronger protection wise and it doesn't absorb negative energy like amethyst does so it doesn't need as much cleansing.  I also did a witches bottle awhile back, I hid it in my dads room. It's not a traditional one but one that draws out the negativity coming from my father. I think its working because He hasn't tried yelling at me or ragging on me about stupid stuff except for once a week or once every two weeks now so it helps a lot too.

I'm glad to hear the steps you took seem to be having the right effect


The stone I'm working with most right now is green aventurine. I'm going through a breakup and I'm working on letting go of some maladaptive coping mechanisms from several years ago, so I'm using the aventurine to help me stay calm and think rationally. It's helped quite a bit, especially at night. I tend to feel lonely and anxious at night but sleeping with the stone in my bed helps.

Blessed Be! I'm glad you are feeling better.
I also have issues with anxiety, and plant to use Amethyst. I'm curious, how do you work with the crystals? Intent and meditation/visualization? Wearing them, or keeping them near you? A combination, or is it whatever works best :)
Thanks Kate :) It's been such a long time since I was on here.. Crystals have definitely helped me come along way.
Right now I tend to wear crystals as jewelry or put a small stone in my bra lol! I'll think of my emotional state and grab whatever I'd feel supports me the most. Usually I'd spend a few moments holding it and thinking about its properties and what my intentions are for the day. I also have some affirmations that I say daily while holding a large amethyst on my altar and some protective stones I'll draw outside of my aura(basically waive it around my energy field).
Bach flower, herbs and reiki have also helped me a ton! All the best <3
Thank you!



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