Being this is the first group discussion I've really put out here, I figured a good way to start out is talking about ourselves and our alignments! There are many many deities, male and female. Some choose not to specifically align with any of them, some several, and some choose one. I myself am aligned with Aine of Knockaine, Cairbre, and Aibell. I also call on many others for different purposes. What do you guys do? I can't wait to see your responses :)

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I call on the Goddess Mother Earth & the Sun God. My Goddesses & God's are the Great Spirit's. I walk the Well Worn Path until I walk through the door to Summerland to be reborn by the Goddess herself. But my path is to speed love, understanding, learning for all because I will try to learn as much as I can for as long as I can or until I am called upon by the other crone's to walk through the door at the end of my path.



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