Hello everyone!  Here is a simple chart that tells you about candle colors and uses.  I am specifically speaking about the tall, glass-encased candles that burn for several days.  To me, these are super powerful because there is no extinguishing of them and you can come back to them and pray repeatedly over the course of several days. 


White: Spiritual rituals, healing, tranquility, peace, rest, cleansing

Yellow: Cleansing,devotion, attraction, cheerfulness

Orange: To bring change

Red: Passion, attraction, Love, to become more energetic

Pink: Romance work, clean living

Brown: Court Cases, Pets, Nuertrality

Blue: Peace, joy, healing, kind intentions, joy

Purple: Power, maastery, control, ambition

Green:  Money, wealth, good luck, health of plants

Black:  Banishing negativity, for enemy work, sorrow, to be freed from evil.  Also absorbs bad habits.


Love, Light, and Laughter ~Nell~

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I believe these colors can also apply to regular pillar/taper candles as well,right?....or am I mistaken?

Yes, absolutely. These definitions can be found universally throughout many differnt candle magic practises.  The simple fact that the color references in regards to magic are the same throughout the world is proof to me of their absolute truth.

thanks,SpiritMaiden!....just wanted to double-check!

I've been burning a white novena for my mom since she got admitted to the hospital,and i have faith that it helped,as i went to see her today,and she was stable and in good health.

Wonderful to hear!  When I burn for specific people, I take a small, plain piece of brown paper bag and write their name 9x on it with pencil.  But the names have to be written literally on top of one another, so in the end you have one line of scribble from so many letters written on that same space. Place this underneath the candle, and pray.   Visualize your mother strong and healthy...my prayers go out to her.

how are y'all I hope everybody is having a blessed day today I have a couple of questions I was working on a reversal spell and I was putting my candle out because I was about to leave I bent down to pick up something and my puppy knocked over my Kindle and broke the glass it was around it but the candle was unharmed should I dispose of the candle or should I keep on let it burn I've been putting productive oil in and around the candle is that the candles perfect just the glass around it is broken



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