Different people follow different paths, and have different preferences as to how things are done. As always, I am interested in your thoughts, so I have some questions for you all. 


1) Where do you practice? Do you do rituals indoors? Outdoors? In a park, on the beach, in your backyard?


2) If you worship outside, how "obvious" are you? Do you use full robes and athame? Perhaps a small candle or roaring bonfire. Would a non-practitioner think you are quietly meditating or trying to summon the demons of hell for your nefarious needs? Perhaps you are a Harry Potter or Dungeons and Dragons wanna-be!


3) Have you had any run-ins with nosy neighbours or local law enforcement? How did it go?


4) When walking down the street, do people move to the other side for fear of your dark clothes, or are people shocked when they find out you're a Wiccan (But where is your broom and black cat? You're not going to turn me into a newt, are you?)






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MM GreenWolf!


My husband and I usually practice inside, although we have done rituals in the backyard.  We're pretty low-key when we do, and people are always shocked when they find out we're Pagans.

1) I practice wherever I am invited to practice. My preference has always been for outdoor spaces where I feel safe but a lot of my practice is centred around food and hearth so it is often inside, around the supper table with friends and family. I also have my personal quiet time inside the home alone occasionally.

2)I am not obvious apart from the wearing of my hammer on my neck and some of the little natural elements in my clothing. I don't go for the theatrical aspect. Paganism is more down to earth than that to me and the theatrical almost seems foolish. I prefer the bonfire but I do occasionally create small shrines in the woods with stones. I always have my drinking horn with me for libations and sacrifice to the earth.

3)The worst run-ins I've had were from the usual angry proselytisers on street corners and family members-my mother to be exact who had an irrational fear that I was doing some dangerous "wicca spells" or some such many many years ago. She pretends it didn't happen now.

4)People don't move aside, they aren't afraid of me. I was a subject of staring in my gothy and metalhead teen years but that passed and as I grew up I noticed others did as well. In fact people here compliment me on the street often in my clothing choices or a good deed done for a stranger.
I am so happy! I finally made my mini altar! Since I have moved in with my mother-in-law, I have had to retreat back into the broom closer, so I must be careful about what I have out, and what I do. While my main altar is in a large chest in the closet, I am not able to use it for anything more than storage, therefore, I found it necessary to come up with something small and nondescript. Here it is! Now I can set up on my desk, or put it in a pocket and go for a walk. Plus it is easily hidden.
That's cute, Greenwolf!



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