Please everyone suggest books as the books I have are kind of outdated. The newer ones are few and far between in my collection as a student budget really bites:)


  • The Egyptian book of the Dead- a number of versions can be found including more modern interpretations, just search around. This is a quintessential book on Egyptian culture and specifically on the Egyptian view of life and death.
  • The Anubis Oracle- Nicki Scully and Linda Star Wolf- a 35 card deck with a companion book; a great way of getting to know the Egyptian gods in general as well Anubis. The book supplies a shamanic reading of Egyptian culture.
  • Shamanic mysteries of Ancient Egypt- Nicki Scully and Linda Star Wolf- This is a companion book to the Anubis oracle. It offers a number of lovely pathworkings, which take you on an inner journey through the mind, heart and anceint Egypt.
  • The Way of Egyptian Wisdom-  Naomi Ozaniec. This is a simple to read and beginners guide type of book on Egyptian magical practices.
  • Egyptian magic- E.A.Wallis Budge- This is a bit outdated and I haven't gotten to it yet but I found it as a budget buy.
  • An A to Z of Ancient Egypt-Simon Cox and Susan Davies- another book I haven't gotten to yet, like a mini encyclopedia
  • Egyptian Mummies- Bob brier- I have only just started this, but it goes into the death rituals and mummification process. I found this at a second hand book store and could not resist
  • The sacred magic of Ancient Egypt- This is an excellent book for beginners and offers a range of rituals for worship, it is also where I got my information from the discussion on offerings to the Netjer.


There are also a number of books by Budge available for free on the internet- they are a little outdated, but are still recommended by many Egyptophiles.


Darkest Blessings 



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I had gotten my sister this book, it's filled with different stories and legends regarding the Egyptian Pantheon/Pharohs/Etc.  She loves it so far, so thought I could add it to this list.


Ancient Egyptian Myths and Legends - Lewis Spence


I feel if you want to get to know a culture you can learn from their stories, mythology, and legends.  I've gone headfirst into reading Welsh, Irish, Scottish, Norse, Scandinavian, and Greek mythology and most of the Greek stories I already know, but eh, doesn't hurt to brush up =)




Thank You for the suggestions!



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