Prayer to Anubis

Beloved Anubis, be with me all the days of my lives, guide me great one each day & night. Take my hand & lead me to the light when my time is done for with you I'll know no fear. May I recognise you with each rebirth & be filled with instant joy! As I did when I saw your image on this spiral round. Thank you Anubis for being with me. Blessed be my lord!

Anubis, lord of the hidden ways, guide us! Anpu, lord of darkness guide us! Anubis, Lord of the dead, guide us! Anpu, challenger of the ways, guide us! Anubis, great guardian, guide us ! Lord of loyalty & courage, guide us! Lord of the underworld, protect us! Lord of obsidian & gold, protect us! Guard our circle Anpu, guard our circle round from above & below, from all round lord of magic & the darkest night, attend our rite tonight, great jackal of the night! We honour you Anpu.   



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