Artists tend to have something special that calls to their spirit and inspires them to create. For myself I find my creativity spawned by nature. More specifically the ocean and mountain wilderness. What are your artistic triggers?

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When I create, it is mostly for other people. So I would say, that people inspire me most.
I play with myths and the modern world, combining old-world stories with modern implications. Freyja as a 1950's housewife, for example, or Gullinbursti as a panel-beaten boar.

I like to work with gods a lot, specifically my gods... I don't have much to offer them, except for my talents.
i do my art for my sanity&my kids.drawing up a good pic is a way for me to escape for a while&i hope my kids do the same so they dont turn to drugs like so many other kids today seem to do.

Muse asks "What are your artistic triggers? "

Just about everything!!!  Love, Life, The Universe... 

My only limitations are time and money. 

My favourite pieces are beaded embroideries, with my own designs drawn from folklore, myths and history. 

But I also produce pieces such as collages, using natural materials like feathers and sea shells, wooden beads and lace, based on topics such as the elements, ley lines, astronomy, all kinds of stuff.

I love calligraphy, macrame, crochet, knitting, sewing, painting, sketching, fabric printing, glass painting, digital photography - just about every hobby covered in the art and craft shop probably, and some!!!

I'm just about to have my first ever gallery exhibition, and I'm both excited, and nervous in equal measure.

I am a jeweler/silversmith and my inspiration comes from several places. I love to study the ancient Celts. Their history, art, religion. My favorite style of jewelry is filigree, and some of the best filigree artists in the world were the Etruscans, so I study a lot of their art and techniques. I also have several sketches of pieces I'd like to make that are based off of songs (mostly rock/pop from the 70's - 90's). I also collect semi-precious stones/minerals - raw, tumbled, faceted - and get inspiration from them as well. Sometimes I get inspired for a piece by nature, my favorite piece that I ever made was a butterfly, but not as frequently.

I'm also a photographer. Mostly nature and landscapes. I get a lot more inspiration for my photography in nature than I do for my jewelry. 



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