Politics is not just about government and politicians.

What is politics?. Normally when we consider politics, we think of it limited to politicians and government. But politics pays a part in every human transaction. Put two people together and you have politics, much as we would like to deny it.

Politics is about power, who has it, and who does not have it. It is about who is gaining power and who is losing power. It exists with as little as two people, but add people and it gets more complex quickly. So a group of four people will not be involved twice the possible political games, but instead four times the possible amount of political games being played. And it is always in the process of shifting, so one's position rarely stays static for long. It is the reason why there is often a practical limit to the size of a functioning group.

So there are many other areas of personal and group politics that we could be talking about, that might be far more useful on a day to day point of time.

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Blessed be Christopher Blackwell

 Yes the concept of the polis from the Greek word is a living community.  The problem becomes when one group begins to totally dominate the discussion and those who are not in that group of left out without recourse.  Now this has happened on other pagan sites in which the more 'liberal' members seem to believe their concepts are automatically divinely inspired.  I do hope this is not the concept that is to be forester here. 

This is one of the reasons why I tend to object to 'political' topics with pagan chat rooms.   Both of us come from a generation in which we have seen how 'witch-wars' can start over a lot of topics --- the unfortunate fact of life is that this tends to fragment the pagan community even more as time goes on.   Lets attempt to avoid that -- Thank you.

     Blessed be,

          MarcusAgrippa1@aol.com    aka Nestor

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