I have seen from my brothers and sisters in the craft a tendency to say that mother Earth, Gaia, is leasing out in anger. This type of a display of words attempting to define what the goddess is doing sickens me. We do not tell the gods what to do, nor do we have in our limited ability to understand nature and the universe, the ability to guess what the gods are doing.

There’s been a division for millennia in the understanding of the gods. The Romans and the Greeks would believe that the gods had humanlike emotions, while other cultures have believed that the gods are devoid of human emotion and require mankind to experience for them and bring back to the universe what emotion is. Does the earth feel? Yes she does. Is she capable of wiping her creation, her children from her expanse? Of course she is. The question is, would the earth, Gaia, who nurtures and sustains us actually turn against us?

A mother does not turn against her children no matter their actions. Gaia is a mother to those mothers. I do not intend to fall into the trap of guessing what mother Earth is doing or if she actually has a plan. I revere and loved this planet, it is my home and I consider myself a warden, a protector and merely a creature that lives here.

As we are all creatures of this beautiful world, we share the bounty and yet we also share disaster and hardship. When we have figured out how to take care of each other so that none suffers, then perhaps we can start to fathom what Gaia has in store for us. Until then, words and supposition are cheap. To attempt to create drama from disaster does not look good on you my brothers and sisters.

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Natural disasters....Keep in mind those that are helping, are not there to turn this into a power trip over which organized group is stronger, which group has a larger membership, or who holds what territory as theirs. This is not the time to focus on differences, for it is not a matter of race, creed, color, gender, sexual preferences, or religious differences. Assistance and support is focused on helping the victims! Rather focus on the families and friends who lost all that they have worked so hard for, for the loved ones, that in a split second of time, are unknown in their whereabouts....
This is a time to recognize, how we "ALL" can come together in response to the tragedies of the world. Controversy continues to flourish surrounding the all the causes of these natural events.... It is not a matter of who knew what, and did not share it... It is however, a matter of teaching those that are babies, being bounced upon a knee, the importance of standing united and strong. Of each individual, reaching deep within, to search for answers, as to how would you might be able to best assist another human, in times of crisis...Of remembering, the rights that stand as a foundation for this country and others, and focusing on the dignity of "ALL".....Humanity that should be within each and every one of us throughout the world... Blessings to one and ALL   MJ )O(

People have always blamed the gods for destructive natural events, I think in our modern world it is a coping mechanism,  people can feel powerless when they fall victim to a random natural event, finding a reason can help them cope.

Of course in pagan and early Christian communities (pre the scientific revolution) there was a limited understanding of the cause of devastating natural events they were considered the wrath/will of the gods.

"The question is would the earth, Gaia, who nurtures and sustains us actually turn against us? A mother does not turn against her children no matter their actions".

If you read mythology the answer to this question would be yes, many cultures have a flood myth in which the gods sort to get rid of us; for one reason or another.

In the Sumerian epic Gilgamesh, which is the earliest recorded flood myth, the supreme god Enlil was tired of the clamour and noise made by humans so Enlil and the Great gods agreed to the destruction of mankind through a flood. Egyptian mythology has a similar myth but in this one the god Atum planned to destroy mankind with a return of the primodial waters because of our arrogance. In Greek mythology Zeus sent a flood to destroy mankind in the Greek bronze age and humans were created again post flood.

It's not always a flood, in Norse mythology the destruction of mankind was an unfortunate by product of Ragnarøk but the flood is a consistant theme in world mythology here's a link so you can read the various myths:


"The question is, would the earth, Gaia, who nurtures and sustains us actually turn against us?"

In a word, ABSOLUTELY!

Gaia, though she mothered us, yes, is not some benevolent soft hearted mistress longing for the return of her wayward children. She is Gaia! And we have an obligation, as her children, to care for and protect her. As a species we are FAILING that obligation miserably. Certainly one can cite numerous instances where individuals, groups, and organizations are giving their all in service to Mother Gaia, and that's a fine thing, but if you look at human activity overall, as a whole... not so much.

Perhaps, when her children have raped her, sodomized her, genetically mutilated her, attempted to make her sterile...perhaps it is time for her to rid herself of her current, disasterously destructive batch of children and start anew. When the time comes that she curses us to perish, I will not complain... am a firm believer and adherent to the concept of reincaarnation, so I will be back...no matter what her new children look like.

If you build a house directly under a boulder, don't bemoan your plight when it falls. You can curse the wind that blows it over, pound the earth that shook it down, hate the beasts that bumped it off the ledge...but in the end, it was still you who built that house beneath a boulder.

The boulder didn't care.

Same for the candle that caught the curtains on fire, the tree that hit your power lines, the sea that took your boat to tide and the critter that stole your chickens.

When you know better, do better. Gaia ain't got nothing to do with humanity failing to think things through.
Which is to say - when you make a mess of the place you live in, don't be surprised when things start to fall, fail or collapse around you.

Just my two cents.

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