MM everyone. My name is Aeson, and I'm a 37 year old man, coming back to my spirituality after a hiatus of about 15 years. Life got in the way unfortunately, and I've decided that this is the right time to come back.

By day, I'm a computer guy. That's the simplified version. If you care what kind of computer guy, I'll gladly drone on about what I do, but don't worry, only when prompted :)

When I'm not working, I'm slowly working my solitary Wiccan self back into my daily life. At this point, I've set up my altar, and started reading tons. When I'm not planning my self-re-dedication, I'm probably shuffling one tarot or oracle deck or another, or pulling a rune for guidance, or even throwing three coins around. Heck, if that gets boring I may even gaze into a ball, or even be mixing up some new smelling concoction for a headache, or other some such remedy.

Alongside all of this though, I'm working to discover new like-minded people to share my experiences with, learn from, and help to learn (when I can). This website has been a light, in an otherwise dark search. 15 years ago, the internet was littered with Pagan Groups, Pagan Chats, Pagan Mailing Lists, etc etc etc... I'm guessing over the last 15 years that this came to a head, and has boiled down to the far-from-limited, but often quality lacking resources that I've been able to find so far. Or maybe I just suck at Google. At any rate, long gone are the days of Avatar Search for example.

I'm rambling. I do that. Especially when I write posts, which is weird to say because I very rarely ever keep up with any blogs that I have ever written for.

Again, rambling.

Ok, I'm done. I'll torture you all no more.

My final words are that I'm glad to have found this place, and I hope to meet as many of you (active yous) as possible.


P.S. All typos in the above are subconsciously planned. If you found them, you win!

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Greetings Aeson and a very warm welcome to RP! Loved the post and especially the post script I may have to steal that one LOL. It will make a change from blaming the site Typo Deamons ;-)  - see I too can ramble LOL.  

I too am Wiccan though of the Trad variety, but don't let that put you off. I understand completely that life causes folks to take a hiatus from their paths on occasion. The great thing about the pagan paths in general is that they are not denied to you if you take a break, everything is still where you left and you simply have more life experience to shape your journey. No experience is ever wasted, even the bad ones. 

If you have any questions or are seeking information feel free to message me, ask them in chat - we have good folks who do not belittle or humiliate those asking questions, or even PM me :-) 

If you browse the forums and groups you will also find a wealth of information on Wicca and indeed many other paths - so go and check it all out. I particularly recommend posts by Lark for example but that is simply one of many good contributors. 

I hope the site and its members contribute something positive to your journey, because that is what we are here to do. 

Yuletide Blessings & Blessed Be! 

Blessings and glad to see you have shared.... Love this post, and the candor with which you opened up... Browse around, and see what you discover... if you have a question, please bring it up .....May the coming year continue to let your journey be fruitful ..... As we know, taking that leap, regardless of the path, is one that only enhances our journey along the way....  Blessed Be and Joy to you and yours this Yule Season..... MJ )O(

Welcome Aeson...I have a live internet radio show call My Wicca Way on Saturdays at 8pm eastern...on it might interest you as I'm also solitary wiccan.

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