Hello everyone. I've not yet formally introduced myself. I'm Rowan. I've been here since November of last year but just didn't take the time say hello. I am not new to practicing, in Fact, I've known I was a witch/pagan since I was a child. It's only been recently that I've come into my true magickal self and am finally ready to start learning more about witchcraft and paganism in general. I've read most of the Llewelyn books (not knowing at the time they really aren't worth much) and I also have most of Scott Cunninghams works as well. I realize most if not all of the info I have soaked in is not even real information in a sense. This has left me feeling lost and a bit down on myself. I have discovered since I found this out that I am also a seer, have chosen crystals as my skill, and that my pantheon is Roman (my mother being Diana And my father being Mars). What I want to know is exactly where do I start? Is there a basic area I need to begin in with my studies? There's so much to learn and I really don't know where to start.

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First, Blessings and welcome....My response to where can I start, would simply be to pick a topic that you are drawn to and begin.... If you are not sure if there is an area of specific interest because of feeling overwhelmed, I would suggest you just take a little time and possibly start reading some of the blogs and discussion posts. You will get a flavor of what this site is about and what it may offer you.  Next, if you run into questions, stop in the chat and feel free to ask as many questions as you encounter... We are a friendly lot and I think if you are just starting your journey in terms of feeling a bit lost, keep reading.... There is never knowledge that is going to go to waste ... Blessed Be, MJ )O(

Blessings also Rowan. I would just like to add that you already seem to have an idea on what interests you...why not start your studies there?

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