my name is Ursula and I am new in this community. I have been reading a little (lot) for one evening and something just popped into my mind. 

For myself I do not believe in coincidences and know that if something comes to me at a certain time there is a reason for it. I had and am still learning this since a long time.

This being my first 'post' it seems like a very heavy subject to start off with straight away and if this breaks any rules please do let me know as this is not my intention.

Quite some time back now (a good number of years) my ex husband remarried. We have a child who at that time, had chosen to live with his father, as I had moved town 2 hours away from where the marriage home once was. My ex husband is Asian while I am European and my son is and was brought up in Europe. My ex husband had an arranged marriage as this second marriage and this girl/ woman was not good. (putting it very mildly). I had never ever before wished on anyone something bad but this woman drove even myself to my limits of unconditional love. 

She was highly emotional abusive to my son and managed to 'hide' this for a duration of 18 months from us,... I had known something wasn't right as I was racing up and down between towns 3-4 times a week just on pure instinct,... but I could have never imagined the things she did.

Anyway, long story short, after my ex husband had asked her to leave his house (after the abuse was uncovered) we had found various items which we were told were used in dark Magic. 

My personal believe about any type of magic is that there has to be a believe of this present in the first place. Well, I do believe in magic but had not believed in dark magic as it was a concept totally out of this world to me. My sister in law had asked a holy man from her temple to bless the house and dispose of the items in a safe and proper form. However, I have to admit,.... I might have underestimated this power of dark magic massively as since then in all of our lives,.... my sons life, my ex husbands life and my own .....nothing seems to work anymore. With nothing I mean that all of us have suffered one disaster after another financially, emotionally, physically. 

I am quite literally by nature an extremely confident woman and have a happy essence, am optimistic inside out. I have helped a lot of people in the past years and have saved lives quite literally,.... however,.... there is something what stops good energy to sustain or even to come through in all three of our lives. 

The question is,... does dark magic really exist? Well, I kind of know it does now, but just can't imagine there are any people who really wish harm to others and that it works as well on a strong willed person like myself. 

Furthermore, does anyone know of any way how to stop this blackness from tainting our lives? I have lived my life quite literally after the twelve universal laws and they have always made perfect sense to me,..... now, for the first time in life I am starting to doubt that my believe in what you give out will be returned is correct, as I am giving out all the 'right things' only to find it return in an opposite way to myself. 

Any comment would be appreciated. I sincerely hope this entry does not cause any trouble or upset to anyone as I am highly conscious of not wanting to share negative energy to anyone, right up to the point where I quite literally go into hibernation during really bad episodes in my life. 

Thank you for reading this and blessings to all, Ursula

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Btw, I am a trained counsellor and have done extensive shadow work on myself and others,.... I just thought I had to mention this as I am sure some might think that I am 'avoiding' the dark side of things. I am very well aware of it, however, maybe in my diluted world view I find it difficult to believe that someone else's dark intention can have such power over others, and not only one person, but three in one go.

Blessings Ursula and welcome,

Let me start off by saying, that your post did not break any rules :) .  All members are welcome to post, even those that bring topics/ subjects to the table, that may seem on the darker side. Your question, is one, that I am sure would cause many to stop and think, and question even, their own personal experiences.

I am going to start my response with ... In my opinion .....(for a reason, each individual will respond, based on their own personal experiences, and what you take from the responses, is a matter of choice on your part).....

"""The question is,... does dark magic really exist? Well, I kind of know it does now, but just can't imagine there are any people who really wish harm to others and that it works as well on a strong willed person like myself. """"

In my opinion, you answered this question without help from any other. Dark magic co-exist, with what some refer to as white/ good magic. In that, I see magic as the balance of positive and negative energy. Are there really individuals who wish to harm others. Honestly, for me, within the mundane world, we see the dark side of magic in the cruelty of others throughout life, on a steady continuum. The actions of those that seek to bring harm or cruelty are found everywhere. As sad as it may seem, those that seek to reek havoc on others lives, often will not stop until they reach their goal. Your strength of will, is probably one of the deciding factors, that have allowed you to still reach out to others, and offer them aid, in spite of what has happened within your own life.

"""""Furthermore, does anyone know of any way how to stop this blackness from tainting our lives? I have lived my life quite literally after the twelve universal laws and they have always made perfect sense to me,..... now, for the first time in life I am starting to doubt that my believe in what you give out will be returned is correct, as I am giving out all the 'right things' only to find it return in an opposite way to myself.""""

Again, in my opinion, once you give into doubt, and begin to lose faith in what you have always held dear to your heart, then you are giving free reign for another, to influence your life.  As someone who has always believed, that intent is the key to moving mountains, and making the impossible possible, the number of influences is just that, a number. If I were to look at your ex-husband, your child , and yourself as the family unity, then the intent is focused on one unit, not three..(It becomes a view point of the intent to do harm or cause havoc within, or to, the unit/ regardless of the number found within it). I would suggest you instill the concept of requesting the negativity to leave the unit, build protective shields around those within the unit, and set up various deterrents against having the negative energies invade those spaces you clear. But , I also would remind you to take action that  goes beyond magical, if counseling is needed for your child/ seek it, if legal actions need to be taken to keep this individual far from all /take the necessary actions to accomplish this. DO NOT  assume that action against this individual, will bounce back on you and yours/ for it is actually the return of the consequence based upon her initiated actions.

Stay focused on moving forward, while bringing forth positive energies to rid yourself and yours, of the negative energies that where laid before you all.

As I stated, these are  my opinion.... action yields results.... to not react , will allow the negative energies to remain... I wish you the best in moving forward to start the process of turning negative to positive...

Blessed Be, MJ )O(

Thank you so much for your reply. Everything what you have said/ written does make perfect sense and really is what I had always believed, And I am so glad not to have broken any rules of this site. I am always extremely cautious in sharing something what I perceive to be negative as I know the effects can be devastating. 

My foundational believe is that intention is what 'moves' 'makes things happen'. I also believe in balance and my friends know that one of my favourite sentences is 'There is no good or bad, there is balance in everything and everyone which makes the labels of good or bad powerless and relative really'. However, I also realise that because the two sides of good bad are so engrained in our language and culture that many times  it is easier to describe something as good or bad, negative or positive and that the concept in itself can be just as powerful as the relativeness of it. 

I especially thank you for urging me not to doubt as yes, I agree that this gives free reign to others, I have experienced it myself. I also thank you for stressing that any actions against this individual should not bounce back onto myself or others. I guess this is the one part I will have to read and reread a few times yet (as well as all of your reply), as this is the one part I seem to have a major problem with. 

Like I mentioned in my original post, I find it extremely difficult to understand the reasons for why someone could wish 'bad' on someone else. I am very well familiar with psychology and yes, am aware that people play games and that there is always a superior motive for our actions which serves ourselves,... and the logic behind this makes perfect sense. But I have viewed this as an unconscious act by most. Furthermore, I have worked with prisoners and have always realised that there are indeed only a very few who are .... shall I say ... negative people, and those who do, fall in the category of Psychopath which can again be explained by biological and chemical as well as psychological makeup of  that person. But all this 'understanding' for me is so called 'work related', and even though I am aware that this kind of work will always be part of my personal 'make up' I seem to be bringing my work home by a far greater extend then  realised until today. My work is 'helping others, helping others making sense of their behaviour and actions and finding ways of accepting or dealing  or changing things'. 

I remember when we discovered the truth about what was happening to my son I felt like a Tiger willing not only to protect my child but to also attack the threat to my child. I also remember working really hard on myself for years not to give into this feeling of revenge and anger, as at that time, my understanding of the world was still in the early stages so to speak and I viewed any negative thought as exactly that, negative. Plus I had believed that the best 'counterattack' to negativity is to turn it around to positive.I felt protected by the universe as I knew the what you send out comes back to you thing worked,.... and it did.... I heard she is now unable to have children,.... which is something which happened very soon after my ex husband had asked her to leave. So I was convinced at that time that the deeds were done and everyone would get on with life as it was then. 

But yes, the thought of ‘doing harm’ was my hang up point and I can quite honestly say it locked me in a freeze response which in psychology is part of freeze, flight or fright response. Thinking of what you wrote made me aware that everything is a balance. Any intention set by me consciously or unconsciously has an effect on everything,… a little like the butterfly effect. For me my intention might be small, but for someone else, someone I might not know or have never met the intention can hit like a tsunami . 

So far I had always been able in life to see any so called failures or successes as a learning curve and I was able to see the so called silver lining on the horizon where others saw dark clouds. But I realise now that I have a whole lot of learning and thinking and understanding to do as the thought of ’negativity’ did almost rule my life in many unconscious ways. Mainly in me becoming inactive to change any negative event or intention of others in fear of it coming back to me as such.

Don’t get me wrong, I do believe that this woman did not only ask someone to do ‘black Magic’ and attempt some practises herself on what you described very correctly as our family unit,…. but maybe, just maybe with adjusted thinking and feeling, and yes, protection on a magical level still seems very important to me as well as non magical intervention in the form of therapy for my son …..(which he has finally agreed too,….. as so far, because his ‘mum’ was a therapist as well as me being able to read emotions and energies, which led him down the path off…..  what is the point of seeing a therapist when I have one at home’ so to speak. Btw, it was my ….in the past few months explaining of how ‘mum’ did mess up big time and how it effected his life’, what finally convinced him that I was not the right person to talk too about certain things …. Smile) …..are all extremely important to me.

But I also realise that I have to think long and hard first of how to protect myself as no, I have no intention of ‘punishing’ this woman anymore (years of not seeing her convinced me she really isn’t worth it) but I would like to remove whatever she did to us and protect my family unit from any more harm coming our way at least from her or her environment. For this I will have to look far deeper in my avoidance of negative energy then I have previously, feebly so to speak, done. 

MJ )O( ,....  I thank you for your reply and yes, I would love to hear what others think about my particular situation or so called ‘black magic’ as I am sure the subject in itself is very interesting on the whole as yes, there has to be a counterbalance to all the good magic somewhere. When I read your reply I got an almost instant hit of feeling energy of caution as well as thoughtfulness and caring for others wellbeing and safety and that I thank you for. 

I think for myself the intention of harming anyone purposely is difficult to understand on a personal level. However, having been at a point once of where I felt I could do great harm to this woman who hurt my child I realise that there just isn’t a straight line of black and white,… there are so many different shades that it is almost fascination to realise and learn about and this time it isn’t ‘just’ psychology but more to do with the intention we all set on a daily basis.

Blessings to all and thank you again for letting me join this website. 



You made the statement, ""I will have to look far deeper in my avoidance of negative energy"", this statement struck  within...Be thankful for the lessons that have been brought before you, and those that you have experienced... for regardless of their energy at the moment, I have a feeling you are well on your way of turning those times into some of your greatest leaps of faith and learning experiences. 

Recognizing that another individual, is going to be a key factor, in helping your child ( even with your own background in counseling), what a huge step in making a change to yield a positive outcome. Recognizing  that you fell into the trap of being frozen by, ""freeze response which in psychology is part of freeze, flight or fright response."", anther huge step in moving forward to create change ... Letting go  of the past is one of the biggest steps you can make, in moving forward, for the betterment of the family unit... """My work is 'helping others, helping others making sense of their behavior, and actions, and finding ways of accepting, or dealing,  or changing things'. """... You will always be able to help more, love more, and guide more, when you, yourself, are able to live your life in a manner that exemplifies this ... Let go of regrets about what has happened, for that will maintain the negative energy, look forward to rebuilding what was lost,but remember to keep in mind just see how far you have come...

Better yet,  see how far you are have left to travel... Daily life, is a wonder unto itself... and believe me....you have come far.... Blessings MJ )O(

Ursula, MJ,

It has been a while since I have visited RP, time perhaps that should have been spent constructively but was squandered in the mundane on buying and settling a home. MJ requested that I come and read your post, Ursula.

Let me start by saying that every person has a genetic memory based upon lineage. African, Asian, and European lineage have all been brought forward with genetic memories of culture and condition. Your son who is of both European and Asian genetic streams carries genetic memories of both conditions. If he chooses to enter into the realms of energy manipulation, he will be able to fully utilize the genetic memories of both of his parents. He can become a very strong energy user.

Magic is a form of energy, as fire is a form of energy. As there is no good fire or bad fire, simply fire used for purpose, so it is with magic. It appears to me what you are dealing with has little to do with magic, but has much to do with the intent of the person manipulating that magic. I will expound on the center theme of this concept. In the African craft of Voudun magic gains its power through the belief of its adherents, and victims, as a tool as a tool of either creation or destruction... Or control. Those who are on the receiving end give power and credence to the will and purpose, the intent of the individual or group that is wielding magical energy. It is only through the belief of the "victim" that the manifestation and purpose of what seems to be a dark energy is formed. This dark energy is in the mind of the recipient as that is where it takes shaped purpose. The energy itself is not dark but rather its interpretation by the recipient.

We all have a tendency to give up our power. When you get angry with someone you are giving away your power. You allow someone to control your thoughts or actions you are giving away your power. When you succumb to what seems to be in your life a negative energy, or dark magic, you are empowering this form and giving it credence.

I submit to you that this dark energy you have encountered and empowered is not necessarily magical in nature, but rather the manipulation and control of a dark individual. What she has done has focused your defense to countering a manifestation of negative energy rather than defending specifically against her. You have given credence to what you believe her abilities to be, and therefore given them form in your lives, rather than what she herself is, and in doing so you have opened doors within yourself to allow a great deal of negative energy and experiences into your lives.

Rather than attempting to shield from what you believe her energy to be, I believe focus on positive aspects in your lives may be an answer for you. As you focus on one positive, no matter how small or inconsequential, it will displace within you something that is negative, and through acceptance of the positive will start bringing it back into a vibratory rate of positive. When you expect negative, you will receive negative; when you expect positive, you will receive positive.

Flush from your mind's the concept and belief in that manipulative and negative woman, for only through disempowering her can you also disempower what you believe her to have done with "dark magic". Create a talisman for yourself that will act as nothing other than a reminder that you seek positive and reject negative, and when you encounter something that feels negative, touch that talisman to refocus your purpose.

Hi everyone,

thank you for your replies. I am sorry I haven't replied yet again or participated in anything else. As you can imagine, the above discussion wasn't posted out of 'just a mood',.... I am and was in a rather difficult situation on so many levels.... I am slowly getting a sense of what needs to be done but all good things take time. So please don't take my absence as something negative, it is just that, taking time to not only deal with my various situations but also to read your replies and re rereading them and trying to comprehend on a level where it makes sense to me, and then to see how and where it fits in with my life and thoughts and feelings about my life. 

I have always been a person who tends to work in layers,.... two very obvious layers for me are going through stages of growth mentally followed by a physical layer of labour so to speak. Well, right now I seem to have reached the physical layer while coming to a point where my mental growth needs time to adjust to what I have learned in the past few weeks. I will keep on coming back and will eventually reply to the last post in this discussion,.... but wanted to let you know that I am grateful for all your comments and that indeed I am still around. 

All good things take time..... and yes, I am getting to the point where this woman is loosing her grip on me.... and other negative densities with it,...... and I am regaining control of my own destiny as well as helping my son to do the same.

Thank you for taking the time to write on this post. I appreciate the time and care and thoughts which go into your replies as well as the positive energy which comes through quite clearly and is much appreciated. Thank you.

Blessings to all, Ursula  

I look forward to your reply and insight on the thoughts I put forward. Take your time and make your life right, I can wait.


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