Hey everyone,

Steve has really been taken down and out with the bug, and could be for a bit .The medics have been in, and he is on bed rest, and plenty of fluids.  Family is down helping to care for his Dad, with the hope, of it not transferring to him. Right now, sleep and fluids are the key to recovery, so do not be alarmed if you can't reach him....He is taking the time needed to get healthy.. He wishes everyone a happy holiday this New Year's and to be safe as you celebrate 2017... Love and Light to ALL!!!!!

Blessed Be, MJ )O(

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Love and happiness for all...hope Steve gets well soon....MJ..can you keep me in the loop please as he had promised to do a show with me on the 14th this month and if he's not well then I need to be able to reschedule it...which is no problem...thanks and blessed be...Kim

Wishing him well!

Have passed on everyone's well wishes and he is slowly on the mend...Doing as Doc ordered and catching up on his rest and staying quiet... Hugs to all...

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