Greetings my last girlfriend used to pin me down and tie me up whenever I wore a bathing suite or t-shirt, shorts, and barefeet and I was golden/bronze and muscular but she worked on a farm for 12 years and was a real cowgirl.  She told me she kept all the rope she used to tie me up and I think she used it to perform her cord magick against me.  After we broke up she would wrap cords around each ankle and each wrist tying me to my bed and sunbathing bed and then she would wrap cords around my entire body. When I asked her about this cord magick she admitted she was doing it and knew tying each ankle and each wrist was the key to capturing me. What role did all her rope play in her cord magick?

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Hi Robert
Well as for what role in played it depends on how many knots, if she said anything from over these knots as she tied them or had intent in her mind as she tied them.

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