Blessings Everyone ,

Just wanted to give you a quick update..... Life has been slightly crazy on the home front.... the nasty bug that seemed to be hitting everywhere else, finally found the house, and has managed to travel through, and knock everyone down and out for periods of time....

Everyone is finally back at school and work, and the house is getting back to the normal chaos...LOL....

I managed to spend a little time here over April break, doing some behind the curtain maintenance, but it is a slow learning process.... For that, you all have my sympathy.... I thank you all for your patience with me throughout all of this...

I am down to the final quarter at school, and as per the norm, it is a heavy time.... This year has been one that has held many ups and downs, and my time here has been limited... As summer arrives, hopefully time will be a little more plentiful :).

Until then, I will continue to be floating in and out and if you leave me a message, with any issues, I will attempt to solve it.... ( just keep in mind this is definitely a new world for me )....

A little bird put out a a call, to remind me I had not updated, as to why I have been in an out... Thanks Kim.... :)

Hope to see you all soon or at least grab you in chat for a few... Blessed Be , MJ )O(

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