Ok,everyone i have a question. How do you guys that blend paths do it when they contradicted each other? For i am thinking on blending the Celtic and the Greek/Hellenic Paths. It's hard for one has a King and the other doesn't really. 

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Thats a good question Pictus as I am finding myself in a similar boat. For the most part I just pick and choose what I am willing to accept as MY path. I started by writing down what I wanted in a path and then looked for paths that already had some of those characteristics and a blending of paths proved necessary. 

Brent and Pictus,

You both have discovered one of the reasons, why, as an eclectic & solitary pagan, you literally write your own journey. You find what parts fit within you, you begin to recognize that at this point in time, that is your path.  You discovery your journey is going to be filled with many bits and pieces that call to something within you. There may be many who tell you it can't be combined, and yet, if it is something that fits you... then it is something that works.  Have strength to discover, question how you can incorporate what you feel is important, and let go of, what you find is superficial to your own personal journey. Begin to journal those parts that fit, and even possibly why you feel they do. Building your own belief system is one of the joys of freedom you will find, enriches your journey.  As a result, your path is your own.... To be made richer by those items/characteristics/ beliefs, that bring you closer to what is within each of you. It is for some, termed the Leap of Faith.... when you discover  and make the jump into the ability to believe, regardless of what is preached about being right or wrong.  For in the end, no journey is wrong, it is personal... and like in any other belief system, it develops, and becomes of value, when you choose to live your life according to it .

Blessings to you both, as you Make this Leap <3

Always with Light and Love, MJ )O(

I think the first question one would ask himself is, "what are my reasons for wanting to blend these specific practices?" Being solitary isn't synonymous with being eclectic and doesn't in itself require mixing and matching from different sources.

Generally speaking, there should be components that are notably compatible and/or comparable and/or complimentary a person has discerned that, at least for himself, presents a blending that "makes sense". Noting similarities between two practices can, for example, produce a solution for someone who is primarily adhering to one practice in which there is a missing component or has a traditional way of doing something that isn't feasible for his personal situation and discovers another path has a comparable tradition that essentially achieves the same thing but in a different way.

Do you identify primarily with Celtic (which?) or Hellenic? What features/elements of your primary would be enhanced by blending? Or are there missing features which a serviceable surrogate could be had by incorporating elements from the other?

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